Wednesday: Space Monster | Mayfield | Feed Your Head

Space Monster: Space Monster caters to lovers of jam band music with their eclectic psychedelic style and high energy performances. An ambitious blend of funk, blues, reggae, and rock, there's something for everyone when Space Monster sinks into their unique style born out of love for all kinds of modern music. Their full-length debut album, Abduction, was released April 26.

Mayfield: Mayfield is a five piece band based in Minneapolis, MN. Characterized by their energetic live shows and original sound, Mayfield represents the unique culture of the city they were formed in. Their music draws on their hometown's independent hip-hop and rock scenes, tapping into the best of both worlds.

Feed Your Head: "Local indie rock trio Feed Your Head is unarguably the band you need to check out this week. Providing an ultra-wavy acid folk rock groove alongside a bout of trippy lyricism, this power trio knows the ins and outs of tuning in and turning on everyone in the room..." [World Exposure]

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Thursday: Corey Palmer & Lovetrade | Holidae

Corey Palmer & Lovetrade: Corey Palmer is a Minnesota-based singer/songwriter/producer known primarily for his time fronting These Modern Socks and Daykit. After taking an indefinite hiatus from music to raise a family, Corey was jolted back into music making after a near-fatal car accident in 2014 abruptly re-prioritized his life's intentions. He subsequently began writing and recording new material by himself, and eventually released his solo debut, the Love Trade EP.Corey now continues to explore a similar musical vein on his latest release, This Could Be About Anyone, while also sewing in numerous layers of analog synths, falsetto harmonies, and afrobeat percussion.

Sounds Like: Lush, Radiohead, Jack's Mannequin

Holidae: Holidae is the new project from local R&B singer Ashley Gold and veteran synth savant Garrett Neal. Combining pop sensibilities with futuristic soundscapes and a strong visual element, Holidae will haunt your dreams and soundtrack your adventures. Their debut album was released April 22, 2016.

Sounds Like: Los Elk, Eric Mayson, Say Girl Say

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Friday: New Sound Underground CD Release Party

Formed in 2009, marked by their high-energy performances, New Sound Underground has become a staple in the Twin Cities music scene as must-see artists. Finding their roots in a myriad of different styles ranging from jazz, funk, fusion, rock, soul, R&B, and gospel, it isn't too difficult to find a wide range of different listeners and fans. New Sound Underground is working on a brand new album and continues to captivate audiences with their original sound around the nation.

Sounds Like: Root City, Papadosio, Jon Wayne and The Pain

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Saturday: We Are The Willows

We Are The Willows is an orchestral indie rock band based out of South Minneapolis. The 6-piece ensemble features songwriter/frontman Peter Miller’s unique countertenor voice and guitar, supported by Jeremiah Satterthwaite (guitar/banjo), Leah Ottman (violin/voice/keys), Hilary James (cello/voice/keys), Travis Collins (bass), and Stephen Lindquist (drums/voice). We Are The Willows craft dynamic, intimate songs with instruments and voices combining to create energetic rhythms and intricate melodies. Their latest album is titled Picture (Portrait)

Sounds like: Zoo Animal, Communist Daughter, Jeremy Messersmith

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Sunday: Guided By Brunch

A Guided By Voices inspired brunch featuring a GBV DJ set by Justin Fitterman, a screening of Some Drinking Implied, special GBV giveaways, and more. The Turf Club opens for brunch at 10:00am (All Ages event | No Cover).

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