Kitten Forever is a Minneapolis-based drums and bass trio. Corrie Harrigan, Laura Larson, and Liz Elton trade off duties on each instrument, giving equal time on drums, bass, and vocals to everyone. This democratic approach to performing and song writing gives the band a unified front, deconstructing traditional stage hierarchy, as well as a diverse set of perspectives, with unique sounds and styles for each performer. Their fuzzed out, caustic, party punk is inspired by equal parts friendship and feminism, using a stripped down aesthetic to showcase big emotions. 

This Saturday, July 23, they celebrate their 10th anniversary of making music in Minneapolis with Condominium, Candace, Royal Brat, and Tony Peachka.

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First Avenue: As self-proclaimed “summer witches” what would your familiars take the form of?
Kitten Forever: A confetti cannon that spews a feminist agenda.

First Avenue: As big Kanye fans, what is your stance on his new music video “Famous”?
Kitten Forever (Corrie): As the big Kanye fan of the group I have to take this opportunity to issue a heartfelt apology to both my band mates for getting roped into my fandom constantly. Kanye is obviously an enigmatic pop culture figure who is both problematic and boundary pushing and artistically genius on many levels. My feelings about “Famous” are probably too vast and multifaceted to for into such a small space and I’ll okay leave it at that!

First Avenue: What steps should the Minneapolis music scene make to be more inclusive?
Kitten Forever: We think one of the best step a we could be taking to make the scene more inclusive is to stop referring to diverse bills as “inclusive” as if it’s it out the ordinary and expect them to be the norm. Our scene is diverse a lot of people simply don’t take the time or effort to seek it out or book bills that represent that. However that’s changing a lot even if the process is slow. We are just not interested anymore in going to see a bill of four bands with four white dudes playing guitar rock. You better be doing something exceptionally ground breaking at this point to hold my attention. We’ve seen that for so long now that it’s like, ok what’s next ?

First Avenue: When you’re on tour, what are the car rules for music?
Kitten Forever: No rules in the Kitten Forever van. We listen to everything from Miley to Mitski to Bob Dylan to Bikini Kill. We’ve recently started listening to a lot of podcasts which really helps to pass the time. There are usually around 4 iPods floating around and we recently started theming the iPods from “pop” to “hip hop” to “punk” etc. which has been awesome. The year 1989 came out be bought that in a Target in New Jersey and listened to that basically the rest of tour on constant repeat.

Blog by Emily Hoar