Monday: Atomic Lights EP Release

Atomic Lights is a 3 piece (Chris Watson - Guitar/Vocals, Greg Hass - Bass/Vocals, Andrew Lee - Drums) punk/alternative band from the Twin Cities. They have been active and systematically destroying society since mid-2012. Since their inception, they have played alongside nationally touring bands like Guttermouth and Single Mothers. They have recorded several demos that led to a headlining EP release show that was held at 7th St Entry. Their first EP is called Noise Complaint.

Influences: Against Me!, Alice in Chains, Nirvana



Tuesday: Kevin Morby

Singing Saw is a record written simply and realized orchestrally. In it, Kevin Morby faces the reality that true beauty – deep and earned – demands a whole-world balance that includes our darker sides. It is a record of duality, one that marks another stage of growth for this young, gifted songwriter with a kind face and a complicated mind.

Sounds like: Matthew E. White, Christopher Owens, Kurt Vile


Wednesday: Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria is establishing a fresh reference point on the musical landscape. From blood-born howls to idiosyncratic phrasing, she is the big red dot saying You Are Here. The Nashville-based artist travels the lands of rock, afro punk, and country, squarely situated in the continent of the Blues. 2016 is a big year for Adia Victoria with the release of her full length album Beyond the Bloodhounds and her Me & the Devil tour through the U.S and Europe.

Sounds like: Alabama Shakes, Oh Pep!, Margo Price

Thursday: Broncho - Double Vanity Tour 2016

It makes sense then, that BRONCHO, born out of out a film project, its initial incarnation sparked when founder Ryan Lindsey was asked to create music, “to set to an early 80s punk film.” What’s evolved from those first tracks there has been a steady run of success, critical accolades and two full-length albums; 2011’s Can't Get Past the Lips, 2014’s Just Enough Hip to Be Woman. And beneath it all – the music has been constantly mutating and ceaselessly experimental.

Sounds like: Alvvays, The Orwells, Twin Peaks

Friday: Corey Palmer & Lovetrade

Corey Palmer is a Minnesota-based singer / songwriter / producer known primarily for his time fronting These Modern Socks and Daykit. After taking an indefinite hiatus from music to raise a family, Corey was jolted back into music making after a near-fatal car accident in 2014 abruptly re-prioritized his life's intentions.Corey now continues to explore a similar musical vein on his latest release, This Could Be About Anyone, while also sewing in numerous layers of analog synths, falsetto harmonies, and afrobeat percussion. Corey now returns to live performance accompanied by 6 of his close friends, who also happen to be very accomplished musicians in their own rite: Adrian Suarez (Adam Meckler Orchestra, Vicious Vicious), Nick Tveitbakk (These Modern Socks, Pachyderm Studios), Jeff Marcovis (Al Church, Tyte Jeff ), Park Evans (Fireball, Enormous Quartet), Katie Marshall (Parts for All Makes, Katie Marshall Three-O), and Scott McVeigh (Mark Mallman, Speed’s the Name).

Sounds like: Synths, Lush, Jack's Mannequin

Saturday: Astronautalis (sold out)

In addition to moonlighting as a travel writer, avid photographer, Harley ­rider, and most assuredly being the first rapper to perform and have a piece on display at the world famous Venice Biennale, this nomadic wordsmith has been perfecting his own unique hybrid of hip­hop, indie rock and punk for over a decade. Cut The Body Loose is Astronautalis' fifth full ­length and also the first album he's released since his Justin Vernon a.k.a. Bon Iver­ fronted, high ­profile hybrid project Jason Feathers, who released their debut De Oro last year.

Sounds like: Doometree, Busdriver, Grieves

Sunday: The Hunna

With roots that bury themselves deep in the urgency of rock and a sound that’s dappled with a carefree indie aesthetic, The Hunna want you to take a leaf out of their book, let go of your inhibitions and be young, be free, and be whoever the hell you want to be. Making their debut in October of 2015 with their first single, “Bonfire,” the UK four piece have already carved out handful of songs with a sonic bombast that has garnered millions of Spotify streams, 5+ million video views and praise by the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Huw Stephens.

Sounds like: High Tyde, The Mowgli's, VITAMIN

Blog by Ellie Moonen