Looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day? Throw down with @tiiiiiiiiiip in the Mainroom for The Love Below - Valentine’s Day Edition. In the meantime, we asked him a few questions to get to know him:

1. How long have you been a DJ?
serious dj: 2 yrs …
not serious dj: 5 yrs

2. What’s your ideal first date?
oh ya know..
go to a nice thrift store, eat some thai food, if she likes thai food. go dancing at night, then if she isint annoyed / hates me by this point, come to my house & help me organize my clothes and watch dont be a menace TBH!!!! or just ask her what she wants to do!!! thats fun.

3.  What are you binge watching on Netflix right now?
i dont have netflix buttttt ive been watching tutorials on public speaking for the past hmmmm 3 days id say that kinda counts

4. You’ve got unique style - what’s your biggest fashion inspiration?
thank u!! hmmm honestly probably Franz Diego!! i just looked at him when i was 16 and was like, ya know, this guy has life figured out, i wanna be kinda like him someday! but mostly i just see shit i like and get it and wear it and thats it!!