Vanessa Carlton Debuts Cinematic, Abstract “Operator” Music Video:


Vanessa Carlton is getting ready to release her long-awaited fifth studio album, Liberman, in just one week [Oct 23].  After previewing the album with the four-song Blue Pool EP earlier this summer, Vanessa has also released a lyric video for the single “Willows.”

Her newest single is the pounding “Operator,” and today we get the song’s dark music video, directed by Daniel Henry. Vanessa explained the plot to Billboard:

“Daniel basically reversed the age-old story of kids running away and instead had the parents run away. The kids are left to do what they want in this big house. The older sister takes charge the best she can. It’s done in a cinematic and slightly abstract way.”

Vanessa also told Billboard about inspiration behind the song. “Operator” is about an older woman who takes advantage of a younger man, luring him away from his family until he’s all hers. As Vanessa explained:

“She ‘operates’ the way things happen around her to benefit herself. That’s what operators do. Also, the song happens to be about a woman and a boy but it could easily be the story of two women or two men.”

“Operator” was originally known by the title “Moneymaker,” and had been intended for Vanessa’s fourth studio album, 2011’s Rabbits On The Run. The song ended up not making the cut, and actually wasn’t included on the original track listing for Liberman, either. However, at some point during the album’s year-long delay (thanks to Vanessa’s pregnancy), Vanessa and her team decided to rework the track listing and added “Operator” back on. It’s good that they did, because it’s already one of our favorite Vanessa Carlton songs.

Check out Vanessa’s new music video and then see her live at The Cedar on Nov. 4