First Avenue: When did you start doing this, Casey?

Casey: About 15 years ago.

FA: Is it true what they tell me, that you once got in trouble here and instead of leaving the corner you decided to go to the city [for music permits]?

C: Yeah. I decided to sue ‘em.

FA: How’d that work out?

C: I won.

FA: What are the rules now?

C: Ain’t no rules! Anybody can do this right here.

FA: What did you do before this?

C: I was a truck driver and a musician, played upright bass. I’m a disabled Vet. I got hurt in Vietnam. I was a combat corpsman. See that combat medal? I got a bronze star. I’m a fuckin’ hero. A real life fuckin’ hero. And I’m 71 years old. I don’t need a lot of money, just a little money. I get a check every month from the government. They’ll take care of me ‘til I die then put me in a box and bury me.


Beyond being a scrappy musician and amateur politician, Casey’s also an expert on chili. Ask him for recommendations then tip him handsomely.