Monday: Nora and the Janitors | Monica LaPlante | Lawrence, Jennifer

It seems like Nora and the Janitors is an attempt to tell the story of the world as it is in "[not] too linear a fashion" - a band that likes it loud and is very clearly inspired by Daniel Johnston. Nora and the Janitors recently put out a split record with Lawrence, Jennifer - a punk group from North Dakota - called Girls Just Want To Have Gun. Check out the album here!

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Tuesday: Strand of Oaks

Tim Showalter, the man behind Strand of Oaks, gives us an idea of what his new album HEAL is all about, “The record is called HEAL, but it’s not a soft, gentle healing, it’s like scream therapy, a command, because I ripped out my subconscious, looked through it, and saw the worst parts. And that’s how I got better." A journey of alienation, desperation, rebirth and clarity. Be part of the journey this Tuesday!

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Wednesday: The Life and Times

Post-hardcore turned post-rock trio, The Life and Times are making their way to the 612. Fronted by Allen Epley of Shiner fame put together The Life and Times when Shiner broke up in 2002. Now, the group has put out their fourth album, Lost Bees. In support of this latest release these three boys are hitting the road - make sure to listen to their single "Passion Pit" and see 'em Wednesday with support from Porcupine and All The Way Rider.

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Thursday: Psychostick

Self-proclaimed "humorcore," Psychostick is a comedy metal band with a reputation for a high energy, hilarious performance. The brainchild of two friends from high school who share a love of metal music and a crazy sense of humor, Psychostick came to be in Phoenix, Arizona around the turn of the century. Clad in silly costumes, while still managing to shred, Psychostick is sure to have your head banging while laughing your ass off.

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Friday: Radradriot + Nouveau

Radradriot is a two piece punk group from Little Rock, Arkansas. Tyler Evans and Elgin Venable make mathy art-rock and use the words "dope" and "rad" frequently. Nouveau means "new" in French. This three piece from Nashville probably is pretty new since they only joined Facebook last year and their EP Languour just dropped last month. If you dig loud DIY punkers, you know where to be Friday night.

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Saturday: Treading North Release Show

Local dream funk group, Treading North is having their release show this Saturday! Treading North is a group of silly musicians - if that's even the right word, since it seems they don't have much formal training, and identify more as artists than anything else. They make kinda jazzy sounding tunes featuring sax, keys, bass, guitar and drums. For this release show, Treading North will be joined by Chalk, Moving Parts and Naomi Wachira.

Sunday: Blu

Blu is a rapper/producer from LA. On the scene since the late 2000's, Blu found major success with the release of his debut album Below the Heavens in 2007. Now with seven full-length releases and several mixtapes to his name, Blu is one of the hardest working and prolific underground rappers of our times. In May of this year he dropped his seventh solo album, Good To Be Home. Now touring in support of the effort, Blu is stopping by the Entry!

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