Tuesday: Tera Melos

Tera Melos is a difficult band to pin down. The three piece has been described by those at their label Sargent Horse as “a supercollider of 60s pop hooks, Minutemen garage-prog, post-punk evisceration, wiry psychedelia, and nearly everything else in-between.” But Tera Melos does its best to remain off the grid definition-wise, making a conscious effort on their most recent album to experiment with sound and explore audible possibilities.

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Wednesday: Truckfighters

Over the course of four critically acclaimed albums, Truckfighters have honed, tautened and expanded their sound, moving from out-and-out riffing to more melodic, crafted songwriting. Yet, inherent in everything is the fuzzed-out mania that defines them.

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Thursday: Buddakao Hand Over Hand CD Release Show

Local act Buddakao is the creative work of an aspiring 24 year old South Side native. He has been a rapper since his earliest years, but recently made a statement with 2013’s Save A Place For Me, which had a stellar roster of collaborators including appearances by Lizzo, Rapper Hooks, and Greg Grease. Hearing Buddakao live isn’t like anything you’d expect from listening to his recorded material. While his records showcase a soft spot for breakneck beats and blasting percussion, he brings that to life with live instrumentation and an assortment of collaborators.

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Friday: Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple is a Japanese project of ultra psychedelia, a freak-out group for the 21st century founded in 1995 by members of the Acid Mothers Temple soul-collective. Led by Kawabata Makoto, who was already the leader of Ankoku Kakumei Kyodotai (aka Dark Revolutionary Collective) at the end of the 1970s, as documented on the two suites of Dark Revolutionary Collective (REP, 1989 - Qubico, 2001), for electronic keyboards, and Psychedelic Noise Freak (REP, 1989 - QBICO, 2002), both originally recorded in 1978. They showcase a lot of synthesizer noise which recalls the early surreal experiments of the avant garde of the 1960s.

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Saturday: S O H N

Multi-instrumentalist SOHN is equal parts dismay and passion. This artistic venture began by leaving the lonely night time streets of London for the mountainous landscapes of Austria. He has described his debut album as an attempt at articulating what he feels as being in between the London’s urban and Austria’s rural. For us it comes more literally as Vienna’s legendary immersive electronic scene, SOHN has created a sound that blends his haunting vocal stylings with a backdrop of analogue drum machines and synths, mixing the worlds of old and new together to create a foundation for his tracks.

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Sunday: Windsor Drive | Avian

In a land famous for the Green Bay Packers, beer, cheese manufacturing, and That 70’s Show, comes the earnest alternative indie rock outfit, Windsor Drive. Taking influence from everything between arena-friendly britpop acts to respecting their altimeters in the seventies and eighties, Windsor Drive has evolved their wide appeal since the release of Meet the Tide EP (2008) and Bridges EP (2009). The songs on these initial releases were penned in an old house on a street called “Windsor Drive” snuggled in the small community of Wausau in the north woods of Wisconsin.


The alternative rock group Avian (formerly Avian Sunrise) formed in the latter part of 2008 during the frigid winter months in South Dakota. Shortly after their establishment as a band, vocalist Bryan Wehrkamp’s sister lost her battle with depression. This tragedy would become a major driving force for Wehrkamp and the rest of the members to write music that can connect with others, no matter what facet of life one is going through.

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