Monday: Devin the Dude and Berner

“Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper” has been a much-used phrase to describe Houston performer Devin Copeland aka Devin the Dude, who will co-headline tonight’s show with recent Taylor Gang-signee and head of Cookies clothing line, Berner. They're each certainly prolific rappers in their own right; having enough material to ensure this party goes until next weekend. However, it's difficult to understand how they're able to remain so productive with so much unproductive substances. Perhaps the one of the reasons Wiz and the gang signed Berner to TG records, other than his artistic ability, might have been out of obligation or a gesture of recognition. 'Congratulations on your green enthusiasm, here is a record deal with Wiz and Juicy J!'


Devin the Dude comes from a similar strain and has the same green pedigree. Devin has been featured on records with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, which certainly place him within the zenith amongst the higher echelons of the sub-genre. An army of special guests will join these two, including Cool Nutz, J. Hornay, and Blaze 1.

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Tuesday: Peelander-Z

If it’s from another planet, it’s not to be understood but simply enjoyed. Peelander-Z seems intent on upholding that principal. They are strangely pleasing amalgamation of Japanese anime and 80 hair metal, that are equal parts nostalgia. Their live shows are full of audience participation; like close encounters of the tentacle kind. In any case, these guys have been pumping out records since the 90s and most recently they have found themselves focusing on the hair-metal genre, channeling AC/DC, White Snake, Poison, Judas Priest, and others. As performers they are well seasoned with big crowds, having played festivals like Bonaroo and Vans Warped Tour, so a chance to see them in the Entry cannot be missed. Peelander also offers a rare chance to harness a truly all ages environment where hair-rock, animation and cartoon, meets festival style sets and raunchy humor. Joining Peelander-Z will be local cuties Koo Koo Kanga Roo and the always groovy Downtown Brown.

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Wednesday: Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly has made 20 albums since ’95. That’s almost an album every year since she started making music. However her music continues to remain warm-hearted, true to its roots and not swayed by fads or fashions. This is a collaboration between herself and Lawyer Dave, whom she met in the basement of a Chinatown smugglers den. Their collaboration, called Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs, could best be described by their self-listed influences, “Bourbon, brisket, ribs, Lead Belly, Howlin Wolf and by the cutting edge audio technology of the Victrola.”

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Thursday: French Horn Rebellion

Hot beats - and sometimes a French horn - is French Horn Rebellion. They are on tour with Hey Champ for what the Internet has been calling, with Rebellion’s endorsement, #hornychamps2014. Minneapolis will be a special date on their tour, as they will be joined in the Entry by Hollow & Akimbo, a brand new outfit that just released a bold and lush exploration of electronic infused indie-rock. Tonight is sure to be a high-energy blast full of motion, pelvic sways and electronic bass slaps.

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Friday: Trust

Remember looking under your bed to see where the monsters were? Trust is the collaborative effort of Robert Alfons and Austra drummer, Maya Postepski. The music of Trust is an experience that can be likened to being offered an unfamiliar but welcomed hand to hold before entering a dark and textured cavern. Their most recent record displays new influences and a curious juxtaposition with their critically acclaimed debut. Curiosity precedes great rewards, and this venture is one experience without definition. The night is going to feature the darker, heavier bits from their debut that echo Joy Division and Depeche Mode, as well as the energetic acid techno and house vibes of their follow-up record.

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Saturday: Lo-Fang

Los Angeles’ Matthew Hemerlein aka Lo-Fang is always in motion. His travels encouraged his songwriting, collaborating with other musicians including Gotye, and recording his debut record, Blue Film available via 4AD.  Lo-Fang merges his classical training and polyphonic state mind to create hypnotic falsettos while playing all ranges of instrumentation on Blue Film.  In addition to ten original songs, there are two covers including Grease’s “You’re the One I Want” which he radically restructured to embody darker tones of longing, “I take the same story arc, but everything is different—tone, colors, tempo Like what Christopher Nolan does with Batman, that sort of thing,” says Hemerlein about his process.

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Sunday: Zeus

Zeus clamorously fused together as individual members from their respective childhood bands in Barrie, Ontario met and began creating. Busting Visions, their sophomore effort out on Arts & Crafts, emerged from their growing bond as a band that toured recklessly for the past two years.  Harmonies, riffs, and hooks unravel the power of the rock gods that came before them. If the Entry is going to be a humble Olympus, then so be it, and you would be dishonored not to be in attendance!

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