Riding a steady current of hype and massive support from their stomping grounds of LA’s Silverlake/Echo Park, Fever The Ghost are at the Turf Club with Queen of France and Hey, Remember Nostalgia. Fever The Ghost’s live performances have been the talk of the town in each stop they make, finding time to both get people fully immersed in their brand of 70s psych-pop while also working in stage antics that could be pleasantly described as strange. Fever The Ghost is touring on their Crab In Honey EP which includes a song called “Calico”, written about a stray cat that offered some existential advice.

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Employing enough neon lighting and vibrantly colored food to cause anyone to question their current rgb orientation Cibo Matto have reunited for their second album. It has been 14 years since “Know Your Chicken” was released and the time since has not dulled the New York art-pop duo’s eclectic vision of bright and colorful bestie-core. Cibo Matto and Yuka C. Hatori are playfully delightful and at their best sneakily addictive.

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The song “Battering Ram” might be the best synoptic expression from Vancouver garage rockers The Pack A.D. which features Maya Miller and Becky Black beating the grit out of each other. The Turf Club is going to be the place to be tonight as The Pack A.D.’s live performances in their hometown and France have been characterized by Becky Black elbowing fans off stage, and a wide range of music; from churlish stoner-rock, infectiously woo-woo-ing bubblegrunge, bittersweetly expansive pseudo-shoegaze. Plus, local fuzz-rockers Fury Things are opening. Who will be sure to bring the energy and grind to the hype from late last year.

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Currently hailing from Brighton, England, Kins originally formed in late 2010 around a collection of home-demos by frontman Thomas Savage. Kins spent their first six months playing small shows up and down the coasts of Australia with the city of Melbourne acting as home-base. In May 2011 they released their 7-track debut EP, Dancing Back And Forth Covered In Whipped Cream, which established early on the distinct sound which earned the band a staunch set of followers. Joining Kins will be Tiny Deaths and The Van Gobots.

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Brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum are blessed with two of the sweetest voices in Minnesota. They are the chiseled faces of a young spin on old-time country. Loaded with pedal steel, fiddle, and heartbreak, the Cactus Blossoms' self-titled album could have been recorded decades ago, and it could be their prize for years to come. "Cold Foot Boogie," which actually takes place in Alaska, is exactly the sort of rollicking anthem Midwesterners need to get through the chilly months, and the gut-wrenching "A Sad Day to Be You" really hits home when Torrey and Burkum lay on the harmonies. Also featuring Mike "Razz" Russell on fiddle, Liz Draper on upright bass, and Randy Broughten on steel guitar/dobro, this album is even more resonant performed live. The Turf Club liked it enough to give the Blossoms a year-long residency on Monday nights. [City Pages: Best of 2012]

Here in Minneapolis, we've finally got something of a soul-revival cookin' ourselves, thanks in no small part to the tireless work of the folks at Secret Stash Records. Unlike Daptone and T&S, the label found its niche doing reissues of world music with a funky bent, but has recently been moving in a similar direction as those bigger names and producing original content in-house. Thanks to the runaway success of their Twin Cities Funk & Soul compilation, the label assembled a group of cracking young players fronted by local legend Sonny Knight. They've been gigging around town performing songs from that album as well as some new original material.[City Pages]

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UCB's Touring Company selects the best improvisors, standups, sketch comedians and storytellers from our theaters in NY and LA and delivers them to colleges and clubs around the country. Their most popular show is the long-form improv comedy provided a 4 person team enacting a 90 min show off a single suggestion. Special guest Sean and the Ladies will being improvising their tunes.

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