Best New Band: Southwire
Each weekday leading up to our Best New Bands of 2013 showcase next Thursday in the Mainroom, we will be sharing an interview with each of the seven artists. 

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard Southwire before?
We’re a folk-gospel-rap band, so Southwire sounds something like witches in church, but mind you these are witches telling you they love you whilst scaring you a little. Or, kinda like the Staples Singers if they were strung-out -or maybe just if they were less-good at music and sullen.

What are Southwire’s plans for 2014?
We’re working on a new record, and hope to release that and grind behind it like crazy. Which reminds me, we really have to make to some videos, cause the world mostly speaks in video these days, so we’re thinking on that while we watch these Beyonce videos.

How excited/nervous are you to playing the Mainroom for first time?
We’re HELLA excited. And maybe a lil nervous. Mostly we feel blessed, and deeply grateful.

If you could share First Avenue’s Mainroom stage with any two performers (current or present), which acts would they be?
We’d wanna save Buddy Holly from the plane wreck, and then call up Nina Simone. Is that allowed?

What do you think makes Minneapolis a hotbed of musical talent? 
It’s, as we say in the Academy, overdetermined. But here’s a few reasons: institutions, the winter, Prince, Sean Daley, geographic luck, the river, heartbreak, First Ave., college girls, and also DRUGS.

What other local bands do you think people should know about?
The Cloak Ox fucking rules.

Where can folks find out more about Southwire?
Follow us on twitter @theSouthwire.


See Southwire at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2013 presented by Radio K next Thursday, January 30, 2014. $7 tickets are available here and at all First Avenue ticket outlets.  [Photo provided by Rich Narum]