Best New Band: BBGUN
Each weekday leading up to our Best New Bands of 2013 showcase next Thursday in the Mainroom, we will be sharing an interview with each of the seven artists. 

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard BBGUN before?
BBGUN has hints of country while still maintaining pop sensibilities.  Most all of our songs are very medlodic and harmony driven.

What are BBGUN’s plans for 2014?
We recently signed on with Josh Sundquist at Middlewest Management and will be gearing up for some fun shows and light touring in 2014.  We also have been working with In The Groove on getting some licensing stuff happening.  

How excited/nervous are you to playing the Mainroom for first time?

If you could share First Avenue’s Mainroom stage with any two performers (current or present), which acts would they be?
I’m sure Al Church would say Freddie Mercury.  

What do you think makes Minneapolis a hotbed of musical talent?;
We think about that a lot.  Perhaps the seasons have something to do with it? The winters can be a very productive time for artists.  Plus there has been a scene for SO many years that it’s only inevitable that it will getter bigger. We feel so lucky to be a part of it.

What other local bands do you think people should know about?

Where can folks find out more about BBGUN?
Check us out on Facebook and visit:
Twitter: @BBGUNband

See BBGUN at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2013 presented by Radio K next Thursday, January 30, 2014. $7 tickets are available here and at all First Avenue ticket outlets.  [Photo provided by Graham Tolbert]