Best New Band: Allan Kingdom
Each weekday leading up to our Best New Bands of 2013 showcase tonight in the Mainroom. See the set times here. We will be sharing an interview with each of the seven artists. 

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard of you before?
I probably wouldn’t try to describe it to them, I don’t like to make general comments on my music at all. I usually just list off random genres that I happen to be listening to at the time.

What are your plans for 2014?
To get better, and impress myself.

How excited/nervous are you to playing the Mainroom for first time?
I’m both excited and honored to be playing Mainroom for the first time. Mainly excited because I’ve now been presented with an adequate stage and the resources to really make what’s in my head come to life. The nervousness is always 5 minutes before stage time.

If you could share First Avenue’s Mainroom stage with any two performers (current or present), which acts would they be?
Andre 3000, Pharrell.

What do you think makes Minneapolis a hotbed of musical talent? 
Maybe the fact that it’s a city that feels tucked away, but it’s still metropolitan. There’s inspiration but still so much space and time to create.

What other local bands do you think people should know about?
Hippo Campus is dope.

Where can folks find out more about you?
my twitter @ALLANKNGDM
or instagram: allankyariga
or google.


See Allan Kingdom at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2013 presented by Radio K tonight. $7 tickets are available here and will be available at the door.