THURSDAY: Kill It! Open Mic: Staraoke Edition

Comedy-oke! If you love performing karaoke and watching comedy or doing comedy and watching karaoke or watching everything and drinking, then please come down! Bring your family members who are over 21 or leave them at home! Hang out with your friends from out of town and take selfies in the bathroom while they sing. [Facebook RSVP]

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FRIDAY: Arcwelder

Arcwelder are a Minneapolis trio who began under the moniker Tilt-a-Whirl in 1987. Drummer/singer Scott MacDonald was a veteran of the Minneapolis scene serving time in numerous bands including Red Letter Day and Velvet Elvis before hooking up with bassist/guitarist Rob Graber to form Arcwelder. Rob enlisted the services of his brother Bill Graber who promptly took up bass, guitar, and occasional singing. The Graber brothers switched between bass and guitar and Scott and Bill traded off vocal duties. Their catalog is still a favorite amongst many indie cadres. [Touch & Go]

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SATURDAY: Run Westy Run

Get ready for a chorus of screams from old school Minneapolis rock fans: beloved under-the-radar quintet Run Westy Run are reuniting, and they’ll play their first show in over a decade on Friday, December 27 in the First Avenue Mainroom. [The band will play a second reunion show at the Turf Club on Saturday, December 28] Run Westy Run were regular performers at the 400 Bar back in its 1980s heyday as well as First Ave’s 7th St. Entry and the Uptown Bar. […] The band featured three brothers at its core—Kirk, Kraig, and Kyle Johnson—playing alongside guitarist Terry Fisher, bassist Tom Merkl, and drummer Bobby Joslyn. Kraig Johnson went on to play in Golden Smog and the Jayhawks, and Kraig and Kirk regrouped with Tom Merkl in the early 2000s for a fun, funky electro side project, Iffy. [Andrea Swensson]

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