"Do You Remember Walter?", the fourth track on Colin Meloy’s tour-only covers EP, Colin Meloy Sings The Kinks, debuted yesterday on NPR’s All Songs ConsideredTo stream the song, CLICK HERE.

"Do You Remember Walter?" tells a wistful tale of lost friends and failed dreams, a classic story song that would fit comfortably alongside any of Colin Meloy’s work with The Decemberists. It originally appeared on the 1968 album The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society. Meloy says he decided to cover the Kinks music after passing on other randomly selected albums from his personal library. “I drew five different records off my shelf at random and determined myself to cover one of those artists,” he tells us via email. “They were: Nico, Quasi, Clannad, Kinks and Don Everly. Briefly flirted with the idea of Quasi - particularly the remarkable body of work of one Sam Coomes - but I found that his range is way too high for me. I’m not good on Gaelic so Clannad was out; Nico and Don Everly? Nah. So the Kinks it was!” 

Colin Meloy Sings The Kinks will only be available locally at his November 13 performance at The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis. Here’s the full track listing:

1. “Waterloo Sunset”
2. “Harry Rag”
3. “The Way Love Used To Be”
4. “Do You Remember Walter?”
5. “Days”

For tickets to see Colin Meloy at the Woman’s Club on November 13, with special guest Eleanor Friedberger (solo), CLICK HERE.