This Week at the Turf Club: March 31, 2015

TUESDAY: An Evening with Trout Steak Revival

From its beginnings as an informal jamming unit during treks through the peaks of the Front Range, Trout Steak Revival has evolved into one of Colorado’s most tightly knit, hard-driving bluegrass bands. Their brand of heartfelt songwriting blends dynamic musicianship with intricately woven harmonies, all tied together with the unmistakable sound of their years of friendship. From sweat-soaked clubs to beautiful mountain festivals, the five-piece has shown a tenacity for quick-picking and all the right polish without sacrificing the raw feeling of well-executed bluegrass. Keeping an eye on traditions of the past but boldly forging into new territory, Trout Steak takes us back to memories of whiskey, laughter, and the misty high country where the band was born.

Sounds like: Head For The Hills, Dead Man Winter, Yonder Mountain String Band

WEDNESDAY: Candid Kid Turtleneck EP Release Show

Pull out your turtlenecks and wear them to the release show! Seriously, the band would love to see them. Candid Kid is a group of local-rockers looking to continue their growth as a group of four guys with a passion for playing music, crafting songs and keeping it loud. Come on out to the Turf Club Wednesday night and hear the band's latest recording, Turtleneck EP. Starting off the night will be performances from Carbon Handshake and Danny O'Brien of the Farewell Circuit. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Carbon Handshake are an eclectic group of indie-rockers that just released their new EP, Pulp Life, on March 9, 2015. By employing a distinct mixture of sounds, loops, and texture, their music successfully reconciles amorphous and ethereal sonics with immediate pop sensibilities and disciplined songwriting. The early days of The Farewell Circuit were spent playing on bar tops for mini-sliders, Greco-Roman style wrestling in the studio, becoming slaves to Myspace and Purevolume fandom, and lying about the origins of the name. Mostly though, they played music. Danny O'Brien, the band's only remaining original member, and the rest of the gang are set for another great night at the Turf Club.

THURSDAY: Van Stee | Sleep Study

Thirsty Thursday will showcase three Minneapolis bands, including co-headliners Van Stee and Sleep Study. The current lineup of Van Stee (Shawn Connelly on keyboards and Jimmy Stofer on bass) debuted in the fall of 2012, and the album that brought the band together was released in March of 2012. Their intimate live shows and relatable, yet catchy, material has generated an ever-increasing amount of grassroots buzz in their hometown of Minneapolis. Although Van Stee has had a surprising amount of support for a band without an officially released album, they have been encouraged by heavy radio play of their three advance singles (We Are, Color in the Paper Planes and When the Hammer Comes) on Minnesota's 89.3 The Current as well as on Seattle's KEXP.

Assembled in 2011, Minneapolis rock quartet Sleep Study has lived up to high expectations set by their dedicated followers and the media. “Coupled with strong chemistry within the band and an updated '70s aesthetic as heard on their first single ‘Flower Girl,' the group has been making waves since their formation last summer.” (NPR – 89.3 The Current). The band has tackled the near impossible task of being relevant while nodding to heroes of rock's past. The band's formula is a natural cooperative of strengths from all members, combining Ryan Paul Plewacki's (vocals/guitar) brand of Brit flavored rock with Justin Hartke's (vocals/bass) Seattle upbringing and Cory Eischen's (keys) extensive pop background. The calculated drumming of Levi Stugelmeyer solidifies their retro sound. Val Son, the new project from Sleep Study drummer Michael Gunvalson, will be opening up the night on Thursday.

FRIDAY: Diamond Rugs

In rock journalism, the term supergroup is often doled out a little too easy. But Diamond Rugs fit the bill in the most valiant ways. They may not be household names like Harrison, Dylan, Petty, Orbison or Lynne, but just about every last one of them is a consummate pro who's made a living touring and recording for 10 years or more—we're talking about Deer Tick's John McCauley & Robbie Crowell, former Black Lips guitarist Ian St. Pé, Dead Confederate's Hardy Morris, Los Lobos' Steve Berlin and Six Finger Satellite's Bryan Dufresne. Diamond Rugs is pure diversion, casting off the chains of expectations that come with rock & roll success and getting back to the all-important basics—to that addictive siren song that set each of them on this path in the first place. For starters, the undeniable feeling of euphoria that comes from letting a wide-open E-chord ring into the ether for no other reason than to feel the reverberations. I'm talking about rock & roll in its most pure and uncorrupted form—a bunch of good-time buddies getting together to do what they love most, crank the amps and let it rip. Fun, damn it. Good-old fashioned kicks. Were they—like Hardy Morris says—just “dicking off” in the studio? Maybe, but when Diamond Rugs dick off they tap into that primal spirit that makes rock & roll endure.

From the southern wilds of Athens, GA comes young four-piece, New Madrid. Their music is a dynamic mixture of underwater-psych-rock that engages the listener in fully textured aural landscapes, both on record and live. Their acclaimed 2012 independent debut, Yardboat - engineered by David Barbe (Deerhunter, Drive-By Truckers) at Chase Park Transduction- displayed the band's inherent talents and introduces a distinctive sound budding with sonic energy. Home, Boy is the first solo effort from Nashville-based Diamond Rugs/ Deer Tick/ Middle Brother producer and Justin and The Cosmics frontman Justin Collins. It is a handful of dreamy lo-fi 4-track home recordings in the folk and psychedelic realms akin to Leonard Cohen and the Velvet Underground. These musical sketches evoke longing, existential heartache and reflections of past and present desperation. They are an exploration of life's enchanting darkness, while maintaining the hazy, yet clear testament of a man's will to find a meaning. The ubiquitous Nashville Cream folks have named it one of the best EPs of 2014.

Sounds like: Natural Child, Jaill, together PANGEA, Bass Drum of Death

SATURDAY: Graveyard Club | Tropical Depression | BBGUN

In the fall of 2013, Graveyard Club recorded a batch of spooky, synth-laden 80's pop songs in the basement of a 19th century mansion in St. Paul, MN. Originally comprised of Matthew Schufman (vocals, keys) and Michael Wojtalewicz (guitar), the band expanded to include Cory Jacobs (drums) and Amanda Zimmerman (bass, backing vocals). The band draws influences from 50's crooners, 80's new wave and modern day dream-pop bands. There is also a heavy dose of spooky nostalgia, inspired in part by an unlikely source: Ryan Gosling's underrated band, Dead Man's Bones.

When you hear the name Tropical Depression, it may not sound like something joyful to let loose on your ears, but in all honesty, the Minneapolis band's self-titled debut is a wonderful treat. Their sound is sunny, blissed-out guitar synth-pop that has plenty of neat, slo-mo hooks. The album and band don't seem to take themselves too seriously either, which is such a rarity nowadays. The new project is something hatched from Vicious Vicious' Erik Appelwick with the help of Martin Dosh, James Buckley, and Adam Krinsky and tells of Applewick's adventures recording on a yacht.

BBGUN began in a sunny living room, over coffee, on a Friday morning that quickly turned into every Friday morning. Musicians and songwriters Al Church and Neal Perbix's distinct styles, matured over years of Minneapolis gigs, wove to form lyrics that are both contemplative and playful and harmonies both sophisticated and singable. Complemented by Jeremy Hanson's expert, easy drumming, their rock 'n' roll tunes sound best blasted from the speakers of a pickup truck. BBGUN's solid debut album documents the anxiety and surprising joys of trading in late-night cigarettes for a kind of settling down

SUNDAY: Ultimate Painting

Jack Cooper & James Hoare are Ultimate Painting. The two formed a fast friendship when Jack's band Mazes were on tour supporting James' band Veronica Falls, sharing similar tastes in music, art & films. It wasn't until after returning home that a musical synergy was formed. After numerous demos were exchanged, a few casual jam sessions turned into something more; a partnership. Christening themselves after a piece of art by the Southern Colorado desert community (and fanciful geodesic dome builders) “Drop City”, the lads set to work recording their debut proper. Ultimate Painting's ten songs are the fruits of that labor; a collaboration in the truest sense, with each member composing five songs each creating a seamless journey that is both pastoral & cosmopolitan. This is a new chapter for both of these fellas & the future looks very exciting.

MONDAY: Happyness

Happyness released their self-produced debut album, Weird Little Birthday, last June. The album followed their eponymous debut EP released at the beginning of last year, to great critical acclaim. The album is not quite a concept album about a boy who shares his birthday with Jesus Christ and eventually is driven insane with jealousy. It was largely recorded in the band's own Jelly Boy Studios, after a brief session recording first track “Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy)” in an abandoned church was cut short by the bitter cold and an unconvinced congregation of the dead. The record was mixed by Adam Lasus (Yo La Tengo, Daniel Johnston) and features Ed Harcourt with vocals on “Pumpkin Noir”

Also on stage Monday night will be four-dude rock band Danger Ron & the Spins hailing from Minneapolis, MN. Their self-titled genre "danger rock" is influenced by heavy listening to bands like Modest Mouse, The Cribs, Lonnie Walker and Harlem. They are always recording new material and forever forgetting the old stuff. Local-rockers of the two-piece, Nancy's Raygun, will also be at the Turf Club Monday night. "We have been told our music sounds like a bicycle crash" said Daniel Hughes of the band. Get over to the Turf Monday and decide for yourself.

Sounds like: Honeyblood, Avi Buffalo, Twin Peaks, Ought, Childhood

Blog by Kevin Clancy

This Week in the Entry: March 30, 2015

MONDAY: Clementine Record Release Show

As of 2011, Clementine, a home-grown post-rock band, has been playing shows all over Minneapolis and St. Paul. The band is composed of four members including Christopher Connors, Pete Krausert, Aaron McGuire, and Philip Christensen. They will be releasing their latest record, Crooked Brain in the Entry Monday night. Be sure to check out, "Float" one of their featured songs from the album. Also performing that night will be special guests: Dan Mariska and the Boys Choir and Chalk. Mariska is a local singer/songwriter who boasts a rare emo streak: The guy is a dead ringer for Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard. He's not all weeps and whines, though. Like many reared on Get Up Kids and Dashboard Confessionals in the early '00s, Mariska — who also fronts local band the King and the Thief — is of the indie-folk bent nowadays. Chalk is a four-piece band residing right here in Minneapolis, MN, consisting of Michael Voller (Vocals/Guitar), Anthony Casey (Guitar), Jake Schemm (Bass), and Forrest Fritz-Storhaug (Drums).

WEDNESDAY: Matthew E. White

On Dec. 24, 2013, Matthew E. White could not fall asleep in his childhood bedroom. The Richmond singer, bandleader and modern soul visionary had returned to his parents' home in Virginia Beach for the holidays. During the previous 18 months, he'd toured Europe and America extensively, played Primavera and Glastonbury, performed at The Hollywood Bowl and the Sydney Opera House, and even staged a live rendition of his surprise-hit debut, Big Inner, with a band of 30 members. Big Inner earned five stars in The Guardian and a spot on its year-end list, plus those of Pitchfork, eMusic and Consequence of Sound. White's latest album, Fresh Blood, is a bracing, beguiling record and a bold advance for White. Opener “Take Care My Baby” is his step-into-the-light moment, a sophisticated but instantly winning soul number where love becomes a panacea for woe. That enthusiasm crosses over for “Fruit Trees,” a smiling, seductive number where White—his voice traced and teased by horns, strings and harmonies—begs for a paramour to “let me sleep in your tent tonight.”

Special guest Wilsen will be opening up the night with her bandmates Johnny Simon Jr and Drew Arndt. Wilsen is the creation of 24-year-old London native Tamsin Wilson. Forged in the burgeoning creative quarters of Brooklyn, Wilsen's fragile, seductive sound sits at odds with the transient cultural moods of her adopted neighborhood, instead sharing a closer creative affinity with the timeless sonic textures of European dream pop.

Sounds Like: Tobias Jesso Jr, Father John Misty, John Grant, Natalie Prass

THURSDAY: Ishi | Rose Quartz

Ishi was born as an experiment between friends. JT Mudd & Brad Dale set out to create a sound that would help redefine the pop sensibility of modern day music. Their vision was to blend the classic, soulful story-telling and organic instrumentation of traditional folk music, with the infinite sonic possibilities offered through electronic production. Experimentation quickly evolved into a journey of sound that would ultimately lead to the songs that comprised of Ishi's debut record, Through the Trees, released May of 2010. They have appeared at major festivals such as SXSW, Meltdown Music Festival, Wicker Park Festival, and Halfway to Forecastle; and they continue to share the stage with some of the most widely known and respected Indie and Dance acts on the touring circuit including: New Order, Of Montreal, SBTRKT, Phoenix, Chromeo, Passion Pit, Pretty Lights, Big Boi, Bright Light Social Hour, Boombox, and Twin Shadow. Ishi is currently in the heart of their Spring 2015 tour as they travel across the central United States until early April.

Touring with Ishi is four-piece electro-pop band, Rose Quartz. Ending with a sold-out headlining show at Denver's Larimer Lounge on New Year's Eve at, it's pretty safe to say that 2014 was a hell of a year for Rose Quartz. The newly-formed Denver group was fortunate to spent the year sharing stages with the likes of Future Islands, Cut Copy, MS MR, St. Lucia, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and STRFKR, and have recently morphed from a vocal/production duo to a full 4-piece live outfit. Also performing in the 7th St Entry that night will be the act of local electronic power trio, Dichotomy. Dichotomy combines the sounds of heavy beats, electronic violin, guitars, and synthesizers to create a sound that is heavy and soulful, yet other-worldly and electronic. Dichotomy released their sophomore album, Subterranean, on May 31, 2014.

Sounds Like: Empire of the Sun, New Order

FRIDAY: Aero Flynn Release Show

It all began in 2002 in a student-rented house of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Ask any of the members, this band has surely had its struggles. But over a decade later, Aero Flynn is still playing shows all around the United States, Canada, and even the U.K. Their latest album, Aero Flynn will be released Friday night in the 7th St Entry featuring the band's latest achievements. Friday night will also include the acts of special guests Carroll and Matt Latterell. Minneapolis' Carroll (two R's, two L's) was born in late 2011 when frontman Brian Hurlow started composing melancholic pop songs that caught the ear of college classmate and drummer Charlie Rudoy. The lifelong musicians clicked and moved in together to a house on Carroll Avenue, coining the psychedelic, shoegazey-pop band's name. After guitarist Max Kulicke and bassist Charles McClung came on board for the live show, Carroll started turning heads. Matt Latterell is a singer/songwriter based out of Northeast Minneapolis. Known for its small-town vibe and strong artistic culture, the neighborhood has become the perfect home to Latterell, who began writing songs in the small town of Foley, MN more than 15 years ago.


The Boston born, now generally Northeast based, but ever on-the-go Dopapod has come a long way from their college basement, DIY party roots. While maintaining to be as grassroots as their humble beginnings, the group has earned praise from taste making critics like The Huffington Post, Jambase, Relix, and The Boston Herald, all the while tending to their ever expanding community of devoted listeners. The past 4 years have individually held the weight of about 150 shows and included numerous festival appearances like Wakarusa, Summer Camp, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Peach Fest, & Gathering Of the Vibes. All of this time on stage together has given the band the opportunity to explore the wide variety of influences that has impacted them to be the players they are today. But, don't be quick to think that the no holds barred openness to experimentation is unguided. While the brush in their hand uses every color, it's the stroke on the canvas that gives Dopapod a distinct voice in the way of crafty songwriting.

Opening the night for Dopapod will be local band, Circle of Heat. With all four members having the distinction of being graduates of the University of Minnesota School of Music, Circle of Heat doesn't mess around. That doesn't mean they are pretentious by any means. On the contrary; they create a fusion of prog rock beat and jazz-style rock improvisation with a blues backbone and clean vocal harmonies. You never know what you're going to get, except for musicians playing at the top of their game.

Sounds Like: Papa Grows Funk, Papadosio, The Floozies

SUNDAY: Quantic

Quantic is an umbrella name for UK-born, Will Holland: acclaimed Producer, Musician and DJ for over 15 years evolving and involving styles like Funk & Jazz to Electronic & Folk music through to Latin, Reggae, Dub & Cumbia. Now, with over 18 studio albums and countless singles, he's hitting the road to spin his unique sound of tropical-soul and sub-bass laden polyrhythm. Spinning a mix of original material, personally cut on dub plates by Holland himself, and a choice selection of tunes culled from a lifetime of crate digging, he's been filling up dance floors in 18 cities across North America from March 11 on his latest tour. “He's at the forefront of a new global sound.” as stated by Gilles Peterson of BBC Radio 1. Holland has released over ten full-length albums internationally through the label, Tru Thoughts, … across six different projects ranging from his DJ/Producer/Remixer moniker that has packed dance floors from Bulgaria to Buenos Aires, Quantic, to his Latin-tinged, reggae and dub exploration, Flowering Inferno, to a full-out soul band, The Quantic Soul Orchestra. Based in the musical epicenter of Cali, Colombia since 2007, Holland has been exploring cumbias, salsa and Afro-Colombian music through his particular beat-focused, electronic and funk lens. His latest live band project, Quantic y Su Combo Barbaro, a carefully assembled international cast of musical creators including virtuosic salsa pianist Alfredo Linares and Pacific folklore singer Nidia Gongora, is a bold snapshot of an ever-evolving musical landscape in the Americas. Holland also works and exchanges with a cross-section of artists and producers innovatively shaping contemporary music from Latin America as we speak.

Sounds Like: Nostalgia 77, Mr. Scruff, Nightmares On Wax, Alice Russell

Blog by Kevin Clancy

Tickets On Sale This Week: March 26, 2015

ON SALE: Friday, March 27 at 10:00am CT

Death Grips Mainroom SAT JUNE 27

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Ingrid Michaelson Northrop TUE JUNE 23
Slightly Stoopid Cabooze Plaza SUN AUG 30

ON SALE: Friday, March 27 at noon CT

Jon Jones 7th St Entry WED MAY 6
John Moreland Turf Club TUE MAY 12
The 4onthefloor Mainroom FRI MAY 22
Palma Violets 7th St Entry MON MAY 25
The Dø 7th St Entry MON JUNE 1
Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons Turf Club WED JUNE 3
Soul Asylum with Meat Puppets Mainroom FRI JUNE 5
San Cisco Triple Rock MON JUNE 22
Active Child with Low Roar The Cedar TUE JUNE 23
Heartless Bastards - Restless Ones Tour Mainroom MON JUNE 29


First Avenue 45th Anniversary Celebration Record Room FRI APR 3
Actual Wolf “Tape Release Show" Turf Club WED APR 29
Minnepsych Fest ft. Holy Wave, Chui Wan, and more Turf Club MON MAY 18
Kyle Kinane The Cedar MON MAY 25
Cancer Bats Turf Club THU JUNE 18

This Week at the Turf Club: March 25, 2015

WEDNESDAY: Long Dark Blues - A Tribute To Jason Molina

Wednesday night will feature a series of local artists performing the music of Jason Molina, a tribute to the late Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. frontman who passed away in March 2013. Performers include Gabriel Douglas (the 4onthefloor, Silverback Colony, Orca Colony, and more) & Friends, Minneapolis-based bands The Further Adjustments and Squares, and Americana singer/songwriter Ben Lubeck from the band Farewell Milwaukee. Between each of Molina's bands and his solo work, there's a wealth of material for tonight's performers to draw from and we can't wait to hear what ends up getting played on the Turf stage.

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THURSDAY: Human Kindness Not Apathetic Tape Release Show

Minneapolis-based epic emo-punks Human Kindness' music fuses '90s emo, post-rock, hardcore and classic rock in search of the largest, guitar-based sounds possible. Human Kindness are the kind of dudes who refuse to take their hearts off their sleeves or turn down their amps, cramming each song with dueling guitar leads, classical accompaniment and words upon word upon words. Yet somehow, it all works: the wall of sound approach adds high drama to mundane stories - about party paranoia and academic fatigue, in this case - and elevates it to the sublime. If there's a path to heaven that involves a dying pen and a broken amp, these guys are definitely going to be the ones to find it. Human Kindness will be releasing their newest album, Not Apathetic on the old-school cassette tape. Also performing will be local dream pop outfit Gloss, whose strengths lie in their ability to create beautiful, lush soundscapes. Every song on their EP is drenched in shoegaze influences, resulting in wispy echoes and delicate melodies. That along with relatable themes of fear, relationships and struggles makes them a refreshingly accessible band. Nancy's Raygun opens.

FRIDAY: Kristin Diable

Kristin Diable has been exploring freedom and choice in her music ever since she picked up an open mic at a lounge in Baton Rouge and stunned the audience into silence. She rode that vibe, away to New York and then back to her native Louisiana like a storm front, one that shook New Orleans and cooled the air. Her newest album, Create Your Own Mythology, invokes her Louisiana and Americana roots, while firing a rock-and-roll shot across the bow of borrowed myths. Kristin says that music is her ticket on that journey to the soul's distant elsewhere, and this new album is her invitation to the listener--not to follow her on her mythical path, but to go questing for their own. That's a journey that will require some suffering, and acceptance, and evolution and honesty--these are the tokens hidden in these songs, smoothing that hard path, leading us away, and leading us home. Tour-mate Anderson East, a new American artist, is opening. Known for his songwriting and unique vocal ability, he quickly caught the attention of renowned producer Dave Cobb. The Alabama native is currently finishing up his first LP, due out 2015.

Sounds like: Grace Potter, Lucinda Williams, Paper Bird, Neko Case

SATURDAY: Viktor Simco's Silent Auction for Alzheimer's

This Saturday's silent auction benefit show (and Lucky Bastard Gentlemen's Goods "The Pour" video premiere) will feature live music from three bands, including Crooked Saws, The Person and the People, and Kenwood Mansion. Crooked Saws consists of two men and one huge sound. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, their music has been described as the best qualities of “Monster Magnet drug by David Lynch through the finest mid-western mud.” “Grit” and “dirt,” “raw” and “soul” are words regularly used to paint a picture of their sound. For The Person & The People, everything traces back to the high school years. A group of old friends from multiple bands in the area finally teamed up and joined together to make music. The result of that is a power-pop flavored rock and roll band that truly stands out from the rest. That youthful energy can certainly still be felt with this band. Kenwood Mansion add to the entertainment as this four-piece band produces a smooth country-rock sound. Holding it down behind the decks will be DJ Cloud, who has been helping throw and promote dance parties for over ten years. In 2011, Cloud helped launch a 90s/00s dance party called Forever Young and he created TWERK DAT in 2014, giving shakin' booties across the Twin Cities cause to rejoice.

SUNDAY: William Elliott Whitmore

A man armed only with a banjo and a bass drum can be a formidable force, especially if his name is William Elliott Whitmore. Known for the sparse, haunting qualities of the mostly solo recordings he refers to as “roots-folk music,” in which his voice is often accompanied by little more than a banjo or acoustic guitar, Whitmore began writing songs last year with some changes in mind. “I purposefully went into it wanting to make a little bit of a departure, sonically, using an electric guitar a little bit more and adding more instrumentation, more full-band type stuff,” he says. Raised on a family farm in Iowa and inspired by the insurgent sounds of The Jesus Lizard, Bad Brains and Minutemen, Whitmore sketched out the new songs between feeding animals and tending crops. Each week he traveled two hours to Flat Black Studios in Iowa City, built and operated by his cousin and producer, Luke Tweedy. Given the space to pair a patient sense of craft with the usual punk rock spirit to which Whitmore has always paid homage, the songs on his new album, Radium Death hum with an exigent electricity—whether amplified or not. They also present a cohesive look into those recurring Whitmore themes of respect, protection, sustenance and survival.

Sounds like: The Devil Makes Three, Scott H. Biram, Justin Townes Earle, Joe Pug

TUESDAY: An Evening with Trout Steak Revival

From its beginnings as an informal jamming unit during treks through the peaks of the Front Range, Trout Steak Revival has evolved into one of Colorado’s most tightly knit, hard-driving bluegrass bands. Their brand of heartfelt songwriting blends dynamic musicianship with intricately woven harmonies, all tied together with the unmistakable sound of their years of friendship. From sweat-soaked clubs to beautiful mountain festivals, the five-piece has shown a tenacity for quick-picking and all the right polish without sacrificing the raw feeling of well-executed bluegrass. Keeping an eye on traditions of the past but boldly forging into new territory, Trout Steak takes us back to memories of whiskey, laughter, and the misty high country where the band was born.

Sounds like: Head For The Hills, Dead Man Winter, Yonder Mountain String Band

Blog by Kevin Clancy

This Week in the Entry: March 23, 2015


Opening the week in the 7th St Entry will be a long lineup of bands from the city of St Paul. Timisarocker is an American punk band from Saint Paul, MN. Formed in 2014, these punks have a sound similar to the 1960s but a look from the 21st century. Named after the lead singer, the band members consist of vocalist Timothy Dooley, rhythm and lead guitarist Matthew Burris, bassist Dylan Dykstra and drummer Bryan Oby.

Splimit is a three-piece rock band that tries to incorporate old and new musical ideas & styles to compliment each member's playing. As said by a band member, "Our sound is ORIGINAL, and our live shows are STUPEFYING!!!" Splimit's music mostly consists of Punk, Rock, Funk, and Grunge performed by Mitchell Benson (Bass/Vocals), Mike Herold (Guitar/Vocals), and Justin Fitts (Drums/Vocals)

Harakiri is a progressive, indie, rock band whose charismatic stage performances and eclectic style changes create a parallel to The Mars Volta. That being paired with soaring three part vocal harmonies and riff based guitar work embody the spirit of Freddy Mercury and Queen. All the while being compared to Incubus for their melancholy 90's vibe and unconventional song structure.

Popshot is a thrash pop punk band that will probably hurt your feelings. Aleko Loughrey (guitarist/lead vocals), Nick Holmes (bassist/backing vocals), Mathew Simons (drums) will open up the night on Monday.

Sounds Like: The Clash, The Undertones, The Only Ones


The name Desert Noises—like many of the band's songs on their debut full-length 27 Ways—came out of a dream that popped into front-man Kyle Henderson's head while sleeping. “I just woke up and wrote it down on a piece of paper,” says the 24-year-old, who used it for the band he'd first formed with his brother and a friend in the Provo/Orem, Utah, area. Joined by fellow twenty-something cohorts in bassist Tyler Osmond, guitarist Patrick Boyer and drummer Brennan Allen, the foursome set out in a van three years ago and haven't stopped since.

Special guests of the night will include, Santah who was born with their feet planted in the ground and their heads in the clouds. Composed of guitarist/vocalist Stanton McConnell, drummer Steven Plock, bassist Otto Stuparitz, and Tommy Trafton on keyboards, the quintet met at the University of Illinois and with their debut full-length record, White Noise Bed, they have assembled a kaleidoscopic opus whose reach extends far beyond the Midwest. Ruben, consisting of four musicians from Minnesota, formed out of the pure joy of creating music and harmony. With influences ranging from rock n roll, to soul and pop, to the encompassing sonic force of the wall of sound, their music follows no set course, and often takes the shape of whatever it pleases. Songs are often layered with close harmonies, riffing guitars and warm horns.

Sounds Like: Farewell Milwaukee, Release the Sunbird, Hey Marseilles, The Pines


Shelltoe, born Steve Shelito is a hip-hop artist born, raised, and currently residing in Minnesota. In a short time he has established himself as one of the premier battle MC's in the area, winning battles such as the Scribble Jam MPLS prelim in 2008, Death Session round 2 and the Twin Cities Battle League Finals. Shelltoe is 1/3 of the emcees in a group called Bottom Feeders, and has performed at shows locally and nationally with numerous hip-hop notables. With earnest lyrics, passionate delivery and a charismatic stage presence, Shelltoe has carved out a niche all over the country.

Tony Phantom is an underground Rapper/Producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota working solo and as 1/4 of the group Wide Eyes. Tony has been writing, recording, and performing frequently in Minneapolis and abroad since 2004. Tony strives to make music that lies "outside the norm" of what people expect from rap music. Other rappers such as Manny Phesto, Moonlight Grammar, Omen, and DJ J-Walk will also be spittin' game at the 7th St Entry to assist in the Sumac Tape (Shelltoe) and Lake Effect (Tony Phantom) dual release.


Hermitude consists of El Gusto & Luke Dubs, an award-winning duo based in Sydney, Australia. With music in their blood, Hermitude formed in the early 2000s after playing live together in various bands from an early age. Their first EP was the vinyl-only Imaginary Friends, shortly followed by their debut album Alleys to Valleys. These were both released by the indie label Elefant Traks, the beginning of a long association between them. Recently the duo dropped the single ‘Ukiyo', and only a few months later it had millions of plays. In October of 2014, Hermitude toured North America for the first time, supporting Rüfüs Du Sol. Their unique and dynamic live show blew away booking agents across the USA and Europe, who were not accustomed to such a tight, concert-like performance from an electronic duo. In January 2015, ‘Through The Roof', the first official single from the new album dropped, and the duo has plans of performing on a run of prominent US festivals, including Governor's Ball in NYC, Buku Festival in New Orleans and SXSW in Austin, TX.

Sounds Like: Aussie hip-hip such as Hilltop Hoods, Urthboy, Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate

FRIDAY: THE MAGNOLIAS 30th Anniversary Show

The Magnolias have been a revered Minneapolis power-pop institution for more than a quarter century, bringing their intensely tight, high-energy Buzzcocks / Clash / Undertones-influenced rock to audiences throughout the United States beginning in 1984. The band enjoyed an initial stint on Minneapolis' famed Twin-Tone Records, as well as Alias, Veto and SMA. The Magnolias are fronted by singer/guitarist John Freeman, the only member to fly The Magnolias flag non-stop since the group's inception in 1984 and who spearheaded the band's revival. Their current lineup includes re-recruited lead guitarist Mike Leonard, who had been in the group from 1993-95 and drummer Pat Mckenna who played with Freeman in The Pushbacks (1997-2000). The band is complete with the rediscovery of bass talent Kyle Killorin, whose service to The Magnolias dates to 1987.

Special guests in the Entry are local bands Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets and The Badinovs.

Sounds Like: The Clash, The Undertones, The Only Ones


Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Gardner is the kind of inspired artist who comes along rarely, possessing sophistication well beyond his years. His earliest memory, musical or otherwise, is of playing maracas onstage during a performance of “Hang on Sloopy” at the age of four with his dad's band. Gangly and bespectacled offstage, Dylan is a self-described “music nerd.” He collects classic '60s rock albums (The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors are particular favorites). He owns a thousand vinyl records. He can play every Ben Folds song ever written.

SATURDAY: DARK TIME SUNSHINE + Friends Tour (late show)

DARK TIME SUNSHINE - Forgive Them by Dark Time Sunshine

Dark Time Sunshine is comprised of Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul (Rhymesayers) and producer Zavala. Onry and Zavala first met and collaborated while working on mutual friend and rap artist Sleep's Hesitation Wounds in 2009 (Strange Famous). After this session the two continued their collaborative efforts and began amassing a collection of songs, melding Onry's debonair persona and wordplay with Zavala's strikingly innovative production to create Dark Time Sunshine's signature sound.

Sounds Like: Grayskul, Mike Mictlan, Sims, Rob Sonic, Blueprint


Omaha, NE's Twinsmith will release their sophomore album Alligator Years on May 5, 2015 via Saddle Creek – their first full-length for the label. Alligator Years expands upon the charming surfy haze of Twinsmith's 2013 eponymous album and "Honestly" single, with the band pushing themselves musically while moving toward a more dynamic pop sound. Each diverse track is imbued with an individual voice and style, and ranges from propulsive, melodic rock ("Seventeen") to buoyantly playful pop ("Alligator Years") from soaring, sing-along retro pop ("Is It Me") to sumptuous, evocative new wave ("Constant Love"); from shimmery, summery pop ("Said and Done", "Haunts") to moody, slowburning ballads ("Dust", "Carry On"). Special guest for the night will be The Olympics, an indie rock group out of Iowa City who excel at weaving catchy riffs and melodies into a unique brand of pop music that makes for an upbeat live show. Little Village Magazine boasts The Olympics as "one of the most prominent bands in Iowa today" while TV personality Yale Cohn also claims "...The Olympics, one of the best young bands in Iowa..."

Sounds Like: The Clash, The Undertones, The Only Ones

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Tickets On Sale This Week: March 19, 2015

ON SALE: Friday, March 20 at 11:00am CT

American Scarecrows | Kraig Jarret Johnson & David Poe & Friends |
Trailer Trash | All proceeds go to Kill Kancer (501c3)
Turf Club THU MAY 7

ON SALE: Friday, March 20 at noon CT

Jucifer 7th St Entry TUE APR 14
KYLE “King Wavy Tour" 7th St Entry MON MAY 4
The Red Paintings 7th St Entry SUN MAY 17
Lo-Fang Triple Rock WED MAY 20
Ryn Weaver Triple Rock TUE JULY 21


Red Bull Sound Select presents JEFF The Brotherhood 7th St Entry FRI APR 10
Haphduzn, MaLLy & Last Word 7th St Entry FRI APR 17
Wolf Alice Turf Club TUE MAY 5

This Week at the Turf: March 17, 2015

TUESDAY: Communion Club Night March ft. Filligar | The Pass | Brolly

At the Turf Tuesday night will be a trio of bands including Filligar, an alternative/indie rock band recently described as “one of the best young bands in America.” They have toured to enthusiastic audiences all over the world—from North and South America to Europe and the Middle East. Filligar's latest record Hexagon (Decade Records, 2013) was named “Best New Music” by American Songwriter Magazine and “a fresh take on indie rock” by Paste Magazine, while their previous release was nominated for “Best Rock Album” at the 2012 Independent Music Awards. By appointment of the U.S. State Department, Filligar has served as cultural ambassadors representing “the best of the U.S.

Louisville, KY's The Pass tout a “never-ending quest for a balanced perfection of synthesizer pop and dance-floor psychedelia.” Mere twentysomethings, they are already expert organizers of a barrage of sound that would be otherwise easy to let derail. Thanks, they say, to endless nights in a basement sound laboratory and influence by the likes of Justice, LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk and '80s synth-pop. The Pass are half from Jersey and half from Kentucky. Kyle Peters and Will Roberts played in garage bands in the former; Brian Healey and Neil Lucas honed their craft in the latter.

Brolly is an ambient indie rock band based out of Denver, Colorado comprised of a group of friends from California, Colorado, and Australia. The band began in 2011 from the songwriting of vocalist Jacob Ithurburn and ambient guitar tones of childhood friend Cody Martin. The two were joined by drummer Kristen Famularo, and keyboard player Chelsea Famularo who became fast friends with Ithurburn during his travels abroad in New Zealand.


WEDNESDAY: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang | Rebel Queens | Verretta

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang are at the Turf Wednesday to perform what they would call, original lady-flavored basement rock. In addition to the night's lineup will be Rebel Queens, a high energy all female rock band performing classic rock & punk. To round out the trio for the night, Verretta, a two-piece band including Dan Veverka, “Danny V.”, a self-taught musician hailing from the sprawling metropolis known as Austin, MN. Dan learned to play drums by playing along to songs by Rush, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, etc. His singer, Tony Crispigna, "Tony C." or "TC", is a self-taught musician hailing from the dynamic beauty of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


THURSDAY: Cornmeal

Cornmeal has never been a band to shy away from reinvention and after over a decade, 2013 proves to be just that as the band sets out with a newly reformed lineup, a fresh energetic sound and heads back into the studio to finish their long awaited first studio album after almost 6 years. A nationally recognized live music institution, Cornmeal is heavily influenced by American roots and folk music and seamlessly blends lightning fast tempos and impeccable harmonies into an unrivaled live performance that continues to expand upon the five-piece acoustic-electric groups' vast musical repertoire. While steeped in the tradition of the past, Cornmeal continues to forge a path all their own, pushing the boundaries of bluegrass, Americana and folk for a whole new generation of music lovers. With a growing fan base and ever-evolving sound, Cornmeal challenges the recipe of bluegrass and live performance. With the release of their debut album, In The Kitchen (2001 Livin' Live records), Cornmeal secured its place as one of the top bands in its genre. 2003's Tales from Magic Stone Mountain (Livin' Live records) garnered much critical attention and became a staple on College and AAA top 10 lists throughout the country. In May of 2006, Cornmeal released their third album, Feet First, which became proof positive that Cornmeal's tenure on the road brought on an honest and mature sound. Produced by former guitarist Kris Nowak and bassist Chris Gangi, Feet First features a strong confidence in songwriting, musicianship and the ability of this band to stylistically ride the fence and bring it back home without missing a step.


FRIDAY: Black Market Brass | The Lakers | Gospel Machine

Black Market Brass is a Minneapolis-based group performing their own brand of originally composed Afrobeat/Afrofunk music, as well as completing authentic renditions of the classic 1970's West African sound. Taking their cues from the godfathers, the band draws on complex polyrhythmic percussion, driving bass lines, dizzying guitar interplay, rolling keyboards, and room-commanding brass. The result? An eclectic blend of cool deep funk and driving Afrobeat grooves that will lure you to the dance floor and never let you leave.

Secret Stash Records' house band, The Lakers, have recorded with Wanda Davis, Jack Harris, The Valdons, and most notably Sonny Knight. As Knight's backing band (Star Tribune's Best Live Band of 2014), the group sharpened their hard-soul sound by touring throughout the US and Europe. Today The Lakers are hard at work writing a new record with Sonny Knight to be recorded this spring. Before heading back out on the road this summer, The Lakers have decided to start playing instrumental shows at home.

Gospel Machine is garage gospel band out of Northeast Minneapolis resurrecting the soul and R&B styles of the 1960's. The band features Jayanthi Kyle (Romantica, Black Audience) on vocals and members of Twin Cities rock band The Small Cities - Wes Burdine (guitar, backing vox), Jimmy Osterholt (Bass), Scott Munson (keys), and David Osborn (drums).


SATURDAY: Frankie Lee 'American Dreamer' Video Release show

Every good songwriter must be honest with themselves — or be a master of complete self-deception. Whether Frankie Lee writes his world-weary alt-country songs because he knows how to sing 'em, or the other way around, he's found a calling. On Middle West, Lee fills his mouth with the perfect words to fill out portraits of sorrow, loneliness, blurry memories, and on "Country," the country. "City life just brings me down, all I do is drive around," he argues, with an ache that is palpable for anyone who's felt their life dripping out of them while waiting for an I-94 ramp to start moving. On "East Side Blues," he wrestles with the distances we create for ourselves or have created for us. Lee's songs are about almost nothing. And yet, at the same time, they're also about almost everything.

SUNDAY: Kill It! Comedy & Variety Show

Hosting the night is Rana May, whose deadpan delivery and punk rock sensibility make her comedy different than anything you might have seen before. She has a self-proclaimed issue with authority – but loves dogs – which is why she is so ambivalent about police dogs. Something she loves and hates wrapped up in such a medium fluffy package.



MONDAY: Trash Film Debauchery showing ROBOCOP

Trash Film Debauchery: Satisfying your trash film needs since 2003. This month: Paul Verhoeven's original Robocop (1987). Synopsis: In a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories.



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This Week in the Entry: March 16, 2015


Straight from the great Mill City comes the Pistol Whippin Party Penguins. Don't let the name fool you! This is not a violent group of flightless aquatic birds looking for a party, but rather 5 self proclaimed gentlemen, 2 guitars, a mandolin, a bucket of fiddles, an upright bass, a banjo, and a 4 part vocal harmony that will make Rush Limbaugh wanna pay taxes. This quintet from Minneapolis strives to maintain the original spirit of the "string band" while continuing to play new original music and creative cover songs. The combination of folk, rock, blues, bluegrass, and the occasional stage banter will create an experience that anyone can enjoy!

Opening the show is The Dead Pigeons, a roots-based americana band that formed over the course of a 5 year residency at Palmer's Bar, the notorious West Bank institution. Gretta Hunstiger has been with Drew from the very beginning, perfecting her sound with beautiful and haunting fiddle layerings, along with fresh backup vocals. The rest of the supporting cast includes Ryan Douglas Canyon on mandolin, Daryn Christenson on percussion, and John Reinhart on bass.


Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study classical violin at the University of Texas where he fell in love with electronic music production. It was in Madden's pursuit of his gypsy roots that he opened his ears to music from around the world. From experiences learning violin with mysterious masters on his journeys across the globe and his passion for modern design and technology, the current sound of Govinda was born. The Govinda live show is truly a multi-sensory experience that features professional dancers, live projections, resonating vocals and a sonical sound-scape. His live experience is full of vibrant energy that plays to its crowd. Govinda performs on Ableton Live accompanied by classical violin. Govinda is currently touring in support of his album Universal On Switch which was released independently earlier this year.

Sounds Like: STS9, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Karsh Kale


Lil Dicky is the voice of the voiceless. In an era where rap is dominated by racial, social, and economic minorities, LD decided to put the upper-middle class on his frail, Jewish shoulders. The results have been monumental. His debut mixtape, So Hard, has been categorized as “funny,” and “impressive” by his friends. A non-traditional rapper, Lil Dicky uses a mix of comedy, lyrical ingenuity, and self-deprecation to spew out entertaining and relatable content. When he was 14, he opened up for the R&B group 112 at his overnight camp. He's been rapping ever since. Join him on his quest to change rap forever.

Sounds Like: G-Eazy, Hoodie Allen, Mac Miller, Childish Gambino


After a dormant period following the release of the Gallery EP in 2012, Craft Spells' Justin Vallesteros is back with the gorgeously ambitious Nausea. It's Craft Spells' second proper full length LP, and first since 2010's critically acclaimed Idle Labor. Since last on the radar, Justin moved to San Francisco to find a niche in the Bay Area music scene. This proved difficult within the regarded garage rock scene and insular DJ night crowds currently dominating the area's music community. Here, Justin fell into a slump, creatively. With a severe bout of writer's block he retreated to his parent's house in Lathrop, CA. Away from the city, he put down his guitar for a full year in favor of properly training himself on piano, the instrument from which all the tracks for Nausea were written. Nausea could easily have been a record rife with indecision and anxiety. But like the song for which the album is named, Craft Spells was able to turn the chaos and disillusionment into a work that provides ammo against that very thing, with beauty, vision and melody.

Touring support The Bilinda Butchers are a dream pop group based in San Francisco who take their name from My Bloody Valentine guitarist and early inspiration, Bilinda Butcher. The group experiments with genre-blending and dramatic themes to create sprawling, cinematic music.

Sounds Like: Wild Nothing, DIIV, Minks, Cults, The Radio Dept.


You don't get this kind of immediacy in music much anymore, not in a band that can play with such precision. You rarely see a five-piece just a few years out of college playing with the gifted focus of consummate professionals while also throwing themselves around stage with the abandon of kids at a punk show in someone's friend's basement. Magic Man — and particularly frontman Alex Caplow — leave themselves on the stage, roughing up their tight, euphoric pop anthems and giving up everything as they simultaneously invite you in. Also performing Saturday night are Great Good Fine Ok and Vinyl Theater.

Sounds Like: Walk The Moon, The Griswolds, Bad Suns, Smallpools


Tony Simon, aka Blockhead, grew up in downtown New York City. As the son of an artist, surrounded by visual culture, he early on found that his passion was for music, for the sonic. A fan of a whole range of sounds, especially hip-hop, Blockhead steadily built a tremendous collection of tapes and later CDs from innumerable artists, a quiet accumulation of knowledge and know-how. After a brief stint as a rapper, he realized his calling was behind the boards and not on the mic – and from there he began to produce beats. Since making that decision, he's kept pretty busy: carving a niche as a quality underground beatmaker that people call when they want something special. Blockhead produced nine tracks on Aesop Rock's critically acclaimed album Labor Days. Additionally he produced half the tracks on Aesop's follow up EP, Daylight. He has also worked with other indie giants Atmosphere, Murs, Mike Ladd and Illogic. In between, he found time to complete a break beat album entitled Blockhead's Broke Beats, with ten hard-hitting instrumental tracks, which was released on Mush Records, the US home of cLOUDDEAD.

Openers Arms and Sleepers, composed of Boston duo Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic, revealed itself to the world almost a decade ago. In that time, the group has put out a total of 18 releases, collaborated with dozens of prominent artists (Tom Brosseau of Fat Cat Records, Philip Jamieson of Caspian, Ben Shepard of Uzi & Ari) and worked on numerous remixes (Caspian, Helios, Ef, Tape Deck Mountain, and others). The project has taken Mirza Ramic, the live performer of the duo, across North America, Europe and Asia over the past 8 years, attracting worldwide attention and garnering widespread appreciation from all corners of the industry.

Sounds Like: RJD2, Kid Koala, Bonobo, Wax Tailor, Quantic

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Tickets On Sale This Week: March 12, 2015

ON SALE: Friday, March 13 at 11:00am CT

Vetiver Turf Club WED MAY 6

ON SALE: Friday, March 13 at noon CT

First Avenue 45th Anniversary Celebration
ft. Har Mar Superstar, Sonny Knight & The Lakers, and more
Mainroom FRI APR 3
Forever Young Prom & Karaoke Mainroom FRI APR 10
Wolf Alice Turf Club TUE MAY 5
Tame Impala Mainroom WED MAY 13
Ivan & Alyosha 7th St Entry MON MAY 18
Jesse Marchant Turf Club SAT MAY 30
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Turf Club SUN JUNE 14
Electric Six Mainroom FRI JUNE 19
Jacco Gardner 7th St Entry SUN JUNE 21
Bob Log III 7th St Entry WED JUNE 24
The Griswolds 7th St Entry FRI JUNE 26
Lower Dens 7th St Entry TUE JULY 21
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Triple Rock THU JULY 23
The Tragically Hip - Fully and Completely Tour Mainroom MON SEPT 21
Reverend Horton Heat | The Adicts Mainroom THU SEPT 24

ON SALE: Saturday, March 14 at noon CT

Tove Styrke Triple Rock WED MAY 13


Clementine Record Release Show 7th St Entry MON MAR 30
Duluth Homegrown Twin Cities Invasion Turf Club FRI APR 17
BNLXFest III Turf Club FRI APR 24
BNLXFest III 7th St Entry SAT APR 25
Cavalera Conspiracy Mainroom MON APR 27
Ryan Traster Band | Chris Pureka Turf Club TUE APR 28

This Week at the Turf: March 10, 2015

TUESDAY: Mary Bue Album Release Show

This week accomplished recording artist Mary Bue released her latest album, Holy Bones. It is an indie-pop, musical commentary regarding a frazzled & hungry society. Written primarily on electric guitar with thick bass & rock 'n roll drums, her new sound is fresher and lighter even when exploring the shadows of the modern American psyche. Mary Bue's 6th studio album is a creative shift from her typical piano-driven singer-songwriting, funded in part by a career development grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council of Minnesota. The impetus for Holy Bones sprang out nightmares of cleaving a grand piano in half with a table saw. Sassy and full of fire and joy, the songs explore themes like simplicity, following your bliss, mindfulness and love as well as darker shades of human experience – addiction, family dysfunction, and mortality. Holy Bones is a reflection of the shattered attention spans which swirl in modern American life, the enormous pressure we carry to attain wealth and success, and the ultimate bliss of letting go.

Tuesday night's bill also features the Brian Just Band and Chris Koza. The Brian Just Band recently enlisted some of the finest folk and jazz influenced talents in the Minneapolis music scene (including members of the Como Avenue Jug Band, The Brass Kings, John Mark Nelson and Corpse Reviver) the seven-piece band spent two years writing and recording their second full-length album Enlightenment released in June of 2013. Chris Koza is a singer-songwriter-composer living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Critics have taken note ranging from local press: "The man's got 'pop' down!" (Minnesota Monthly) to national attention: Paste Magazine calls Rogue Valley one Minnesota's best bands. Koza performs with regularity in the Twin Cities, the greater Minnesota region, and also nationally.

Sounds Like: Jenny Dalton, Chris Koza, Lily Holbrook, Jennifer Terran

WEDNESDAY: Chiefs of the North SXSW Send-Off Show

You know that feeling, when you hear a song that makes all of life's realities melt away? It could be one lyric in the middle of a verse or a big soaring chorus. Whatever it is it takes you somewhere, it impacts you, inspires you. This is what Chiefs of the North survive on. They conspire to make rock-n-roll that moves people. Mike Nilsson of wrote:

They were a band I saw randomly at a show at 7th St Entry. It didn't take long to see their live energy contain the room; making me a fan from then on. Every time I see these guys the stage is way too small to contain them. The sound they produce takes you on a real journey, not just your average grab-another-beer modern rock band; but rather an uncommonly unique sound, like if a twisted reincarnate of the birth of rock and roll met the 90′s grunge era. There's not a big enough stage for the Chiefs; they'll continue to take over the whole thing. What you can do is go to one of their shows, buy their albums, play it in your car and learn something more about yourself. This is the type of band and album that will change your life; whether you want it to or not, and you will know exactly why.

Supporting the act that night will be a combination of three talented, local bands. MEMEME has been collaborating for three years now and has performed at Triple Rock Social Club, The Cabooze, The Fineline and many other venues. Denim Matriarch, a young, heavy, three piece band guaranteed to blow your mind. And finally, Inspired by numerous prog-rock and post-rock acts, The Great Went is a band with a unique blend of instrumental rock that gets to the point.

THURSDAY: Swervedriver

The band who brought the car song into the shoegaze era, Swervedriver was formed in Britain in 1990 by vocalists/guitarists Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartridge, bassist Adi Vines, and drummer Graham Bonner. Fusing the swirling textures of the shoegazer aesthetic with the more traditional boundaries of pop, the group debuted with a series of brilliant EPs - Son of Mustang Ford, Rave Down, and Sandblasted - before issuing their full-length debut, Raise, in 1991. The show at the Turf Club will be the sixth stop for Swervedriver as their recently launched North American tour comes into full swing. The tour features the band's newly released album, I Wasn't Born to Lose You.

Sounds Like: Slowdive, Ringo Deathstarr, My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse

FRIDAY: Al Church Next Summer CD Release Show

Al Church's career began in a sunny living room, over coffee, on a Friday morning that quickly turned into every Friday morning. Musician and songwriter, Al Church has a distinct style, matured over years of Minneapolis gigs, wove to form lyrics that are both contemplative and playful with harmonies both sophisticated and singable. This will be the release show for his latest CD, Next Summer. The early parts of Friday night will feature Alpha Consumer, the Lady Heat DJ crew, and Staraoke karaoke in the Clown Lounge. The members of Alpha Consumer have worked with Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Chuck Statler, Brother Ali, and more while DJs Christy Hunt, Danielle Morris and Sara Jean Hanson take the decks as Lady Heat.

Sounds like: BBGUN, Al Church & State, Weezer

SATURDAY: The Cactus Blossoms (Duo) | Sam Outlaw

Brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum grew up in northeast Minneapolis and have been blending their voices as The Cactus Blossoms since 2010. Their hypnotic harmonies and unforgettable songs have made them favorites in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul music scene. Their latest album, Live at the Turf Club, blurs the line between old and new as they sneak a few originals into their repertoire of early country and Western swing. "Country" and "music" has become such an unsavory combination of late. On the other hand, the Cactus Blossoms are the result of myriad wise pairings. First off, the interweaving of the brothers Page Burkum and Jack Torrey's voices are era-less, ageless, and fearless. Second, the Turf Club has such faith in teaming with the Cactus Blossoms that it has etched the whole band onto its outside wall as an elaborate mosaic and booked weekly meetings of a twangy broken-hearts club for more than a year now every Monday night.

Sam Outlaw is a country singer living in Los Angeles. He was born in South Dakota and 'Outlaw' is his mother's maiden name. Sam writes original songs that seek to capture the spirit of the classic country music he learned from his favorite singers: George Jones, Willie Nelson, Gene Watson, Don Williams, Keith Whitley, Dwight Yoakam, etc. While still relatively new to the scene, 2014 was a pivotal year for Outlaw. CMT premiered his first-ever music video last Christmas, after which his second music video became a viral hit, premiered by The Bluegrass Situation and shared by thousands in the Americana community.

SUNDAY: Blackwater | The Courtney Yasmineh Band | Buddakao

To close out the weekend at the Turf Club, the stage will feature a variety of local rockers such as Blackwater and The Courtney Yasmineh Band as well as local rock and rap lyricist, Buddakao. For the emerging artist Courtney Yasmineh, whether it's in her cogent body of work over four albums, or in her bewildering back story that continues to inform Yasmineh's convincing amalgam of alternative rock, folk, pop and soul. It's a deep, poisoned well she urgently draws from, filled with hard reflection, brutal honesty, bittersweet inspiration, brief flights of sexual fantasy and blistering romance, and saving graces. Live onstage, she's sexy, smart and somehow simultaneously shy and brazen. As a teenager whose family life in late '70s Chicago suddenly cratered around her, she fled to the great north woods of Minnesota that Bob Dylan once facetiously claimed he ran away from. It had something to do with her father, a freaked-out mother, broken brother, the law and insider trading. That glimpse into her saga is told, in part, in the redeemingly funny and ironic "Married to Bob," a fanciful tune from her six-song EP, Early Days, pretending herself hitched to Hibbing, Minnesota's most famous native son. Lyricist Mike Athorn had known of songwriter Tom Dub in high school when they both played in the South High School orchestra. Since then, they have sought their own musical avenues: Mike has released two albums under his rap moniker 'Buddakao' with various local producers while Tom has performed his sample-based compositions for theater, dance and the rock group Just Foes. After Mike graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Journalism and Tom with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking, they reacquainted while working at the Eat Street Social. Mike invited Tom to add live instrumentation for the CD release show of his second solo album, Save a Place for Me. The collaboration was such a success that Tom composed original instrumentals with his co-writer Alex Kim, which eventually lead to their newest release, Hand Over Hand.

MONDAY: Kid Dakota

Kid Dakota is the musical moniker of Darren Jackson. He started performing as "Kid Dakota and the Tumbleweeds" in 1998 while living in Providence, Rhode Island. The name was chosen in homage to his home state of South Dakota and also as a parody of Kid Rock. In the summer of 1999, Darren recorded the five songs that would appear on the So Pretty EP with long-time friend and producer, Alex Oana, at City Cabin (formerly Blackberry Way). Darren moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota that winter and self-released the So Pretty EP in the spring of 2000. The EP caught the attention of Alan Sparhawk, singer and guitarist for the seminal slow-core band, Low and he offered to release the EP on his label, Chairkickers' Union under the condition that it be expanded into a full-length LP. The LP version of So Pretty was released in the spring of 2002 with three additional songs. In 2004 his second album, The West is the Future, was also released by Chairkickers. It was recorded live at Seedy Underbelly in Minneapolis, MN by Alex Oana and featured Zak Sally, the bassist from Low. A Winner's Shadow, was released on March 11, 2008 on Graveface Records, who would release Kid Dakota's next album, Listen to the Crows as They Take Flight, in October 2011.

Assembled in 2011, Minneapolis rock quartet Sleep Study has lived up to high expectations set by their dedicated followers and the media. "Coupled with strong chemistry within the band and an updated '70s aesthetic as heard on their first single 'Flower Girl,' the group has been making waves since their formation last summer." (NPR – 89.3 The Current). The band has tackled the near impossible task of being relevant while nodding to heroes of rock's past. After being discovered by Michael Simon, President of The Harry Fox Agency, Sleep Study's debut album Nothing Can Destroy was officially released August 2012 on Simon Recordings and immediately noted by Star Tribune writer Chris Riemenschneider as an album expected to "be on many local critics' year-end lists" Starting off the night at the Turf will be Buffalo Sleeper, a five piece band from Minneapolis, MN, consisting of Don Diez, Chuck Miller, Heath Henjum, Neil Pederson and Eva Moe.

Sounds Like: The Microphones, Mount Eerie, Candy Claws

Blog by Kevin Clancy


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