#FacesOfFirstAve: Ché

First Avenue: What’s your name?


FA: You’re from here?

C: Yes, born and raised in Minneapolis, South side.

FA: What are your favorite spots in the Cities?

C: My grandpa has had a bunch of pieces put up at the Walker Art Center. It’s one of my favorite places to find peace. It just shows the essence of the arts community and how strong it is here. The culture, especially the musical culture, have shown me who I am, who I can be, and the amount of freedom that there really is… You can live your whole life and not relate to anybody, then you go to a show and you’re standing there for five seconds, someone sings three lines of a song and it’s the most important three lines because it resonates with you so deeply. And the person next to you agrees. And then you’ve met somebody who’s led a life that’s similar to yours in one way or another and you find out that the world is not as big as you think it is… but then at the same time it’s HUGE.

FA: Are you studying art or music?

C: Actually, no. I’m the only person in my family who isn’t. I’m in sociology and women’s studies.

FA: So you’re studying the art of people.

C: Yes. Explaining why we do what we do… I feel like a lot of things we learn now is why we’re different, which is great because we always wonder what separates us, but I feel like now we’re so busy separating each other that there really aren’t commonalities anymore besides, y’know, labels. I find it exciting that I can go to a class or a lesson and realize the world is so much bigger than our world even. There are multiple galaxies, multiple universes and we’re just in this one little place.

FA: It’s like being *right here* is winning the lottery every single time.

C: Exactly! Even if people here don’t want to be linked, we are.


Look for Ché each morning on the Washington Avenue bridge, speechless and basking in a sense of place. 

Tickets On Sale This Week: Oct 30, 2014

ON SALE: Friday, October 31 at noon CT

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank | Crankshaft (solo) Turf Club FRI DEC 5
American Scarecrows Turf Club THU DEC 18
The Honeydogs Turf Club SAT DEC 20
Bobby Bare Jr. Turf Club THU JAN 8
Hamilton Leithauser Turf Club SAT JAN 17
The Devil Makes Three Mainroom SUN JAN 18
Milo Greene Fine Line WED MAR 4

ON SALE: Saturday, November 1 at noon CT

Hearts | Mikky Ekko 7th St Entry SAT DEC 20


De Lux | Wunder Wunder Turf Club TUE NOV 4
Cobi Mike 7th St Entry MON NOV 10
Illuminati Party ft. False Teeth,
Party Science, Cruel Love, and Pornonono
7th St Entry TUE NOV 25
St. Paul Slim 7th St Entry WED NOV 26
Ice A Songwriter Night ft. Martin Devaney, Jullian Rae, & more 7th St Entry FRI DEC 5
Heiruspecs | Carnage Turf Club FRI DEC 19

This Week At The Turf: Oct 28, 2014

Wednesday: Dry The River | Nathaniel Rateliff

Dry the River may be long from home in London but are far from strangers to the Twin Cities, playing three shows here in 2012, and will be playing their first show at St. Paul’s Turf Club on Wednesday night. Their newest release, sophomore album, Alarms In the Heart, came out in August of this year after their gorgeous debut album Shallow Bed in 2012. They have the sound of a much larger band, which may have something to do with touring with bands such as Interpol and The National previously. Described as folk rock with emphasis on the rock, they’ve been the wunderkinds of the UK music scene, collaborating with strings-master Valgeir Sigurðsson, who is infamous for his work with Sigur Rós and Björk. Don’t miss their Turf debut this Wednesday.

Sounds like: James Vincent McMorrow, Stornoway, Wild Beasts

Thursday: The Karma Kicks | Devil Baby | The Person & The People

Attention local music fans: some of the most promising local talent will be performing under one roof this Thursday at the Turf. One of the best local albums of 2013 was The Karma Kicks’ All Gone Wrong, known for its classic rock sound and bluesy tunes, they describe themselves as the “hipster Soggy Bottom Boys”. Any Chuck Berry fans out there should have this show on their calendar, with the comparisons Devil Baby has drawn to him. Not a show to be missed, their newest EP It’s Alive may trick a listener into thinking it was released in 1960, but chocked full of high-energy pianos and has a familiar twang Mpls music listeners will enjoy. Finishing out the bill, newcomers The Person & The People released their sophomore album What A Drag at the Triple Rock Social Club last week and their rock and their lead single “Vitamin C” is one of the more promising rock and roll tracks this year, check them all out this Thursday at the Turf!

Sounds like: Chuck Berry, Nude Beach, Benjamin Booker

Friday: The Hood Internet

Mashup artists ABX and STV SLV have made a name for themselves after millions of streams and free downloads worth of their insane mixes, mashing artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa, Tycho, and even the mashup legend himself, Girl Talk. Their mixtapes are very dynamic, and perfect for a Halloween Friday night, having a large discography under their collective name, The Hood Internet. Their 8th mixtape was released this year, and who can argue with a free download? Get spooky this Friday at the Turf, you’ll be very pleased you did.

Sounds like: Girl Talk, Danger Mouse, Dan Deacon

Saturday: The Wytches

Being described as “dark-surf punk”, this Joy Division-inspired three piece band has toured with the likes of Death Grips, The Black Angels, and Japandroids. They put out their debut album on Partisan Records this past summer, whose catalog includes releases from Field Report, PHOX, The Dismemberment Plan and many others. With a dense, heavy rock sound, The Wytches are not afraid to pile on the fuzz and reverb, ready to smash their instruments at any point in time. If you are looking for some fresh grunge rock this Saturday, the Turf is the venue for you.

Sounds like: Drenge, Temples, Parquet Courts, East India Youth

Sunday: Tied Tongues | Blackstone Rangers | Phantom Tails

​After teasing track after track, Tired Tongues will finally reveal what they’ve been working on this Sunday. Hyped since September, this experimental rock band has only released snippets of the sounds to come of their debut EP. The longest sample we have heard, being just one minute of their song Exes has strong resemblance to some of Trent Reznor’s early work with Nine Inch Nails, don’t miss this electro-pop duo in the debut show this Sunday. Also on the bill are Texas-based Blackstone Rangers, with a far more foggy and lo-fi sound, reminding us of a Boards of Canada mixed with Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The most eclectic of the bunch, would have to be Mpls-based Phantom Tails. Using antique drum machines, synths and guitars, they create a beautiful space-sound all while bringing things back to this planet with a commanding guitar. It is no wonder that they bill themselves as “deep-space-doom-funk”. A trifecta of local up-and-comers - see them all here Sunday night!

Sounds like: Nine Inch Nails, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New Order

#FacesOfFirstAvenue: Graham Barton

First Avenue: Who are you, how old are you, and why are you here?

Graham Barton. 23. To play music.

FA: You moved to Minnesota to play music?

GB: Yeah, and just to work and live. I’ve played here three times in the last two weeks. But I don’t even work [in Minneapolis]. I freelance, so it’s out of a bunch of different cities. I do commissioned music and stuff for people in agencies in other states. I’m at the disposal of everybody. There’s tradeoffs, you know? Being freelance you don’t, like, have benefits and the liberty of some sort of…

FA: Security?

GB: Yeah, that’s what I meant.

FA: What is your favorite thing in the entire world that has nothing to do with music?

GB: Literally? Online shopping. I know that sounds fucked up, but I don’t even buy shit. I just window shop online. I have multiple wish lists, mostly on eBay. I have a gold teeth folder. I have a colored contacts folder… Also collecting transparent .GIFs and images! There’s very cool, weird IRC channels on the Internet where people just pass weird GIFs back and forth. I’m like a GIF connoisseur. I love that stupid shit. 


Graham responds amazingly well when mistaken for a lady on the street. Look for him playing guitar in Some Pulp, @schoenburgmusic and “a bunch of weird side projects.”

This Week in the Entry: Oct 27, 2014

Monday: Busdriver

Although he is playing the 7th St Entry, Busdriver is no small artist. An L.A. staple since 1999, and known for being one of the most dynamic artists in SoCal, he began rapping at the age of 9, and after building up a cult following self-releasing and producing a few neo-rap records in the early 2000’s, he then signed to indie label Epitaph in 2007 and has put out some incredible experimental albums, his most recent being Perfect Hair, collaborating with P.O.S., Son Lux, and many others on the project. Any local hip-hop fan won’t want to miss Busdriver in the Entry tonight.

Sounds like: El-P, Open Mike Eagle, Aesop Rock

Tuesday: Jon Bellion (SOLD OUT)

Part rapper, songwriter, producer, and singer, Jon Bellion does it all in what is an incredibly anticipated show this Tuesday. His Beautiful Mind Tour started just this month, after releasing his third (and free) mixtape, The Definition. Millions of free downloads later, this 23 year-old artist has a bright future in store, writing choruses of many famous songs, including for Eminem and Rihanna. Catch him in the Entry before his eventual move to bigger-venue shows.

Sounds like: Huey Mack, Cris Cab, G-Eazy

Wednesday: Rich O’Toole

The Entry will be putting its cowboy hat on this Wednesday, inviting the country music darling Rich O’Toole to the stage for the first time in Minneapolis. The Houston-born singer-songwriter has opened for the likes of Willie Nelson and the Josh Abbott band, racking up 14 top ten hits in Texas. Now recording out of Los Angeles, his shows are known for being high-energy and impressively intimate for a country act. With his fifth studio album having been released this past June, big things are expected of this young southern music star.

Sounds like: Boyce Avenue, Sugarland, George Strait

Thursday: Jay Nash w/Josh Day

Jay Nash and Josh Day are out on a 21 date tour supporting their newest release, Meet the Contenders EP. This is Jay Nash’s first time touring with another bandmate, previously a very busy solo performer. Citing influences such as Willie Nelson, The Grateful Dead, and The Band, his roots lie deep in some essential artists of the previous generation. With percussion virtuoso Josh Day on drums and backup vocals, it is truly the most full-sounding tour Jay Nash has embarked on, giving even more reason to check out the bluegrass they have to offer this Thursday.

Sounds like: The Head and the Heart, Ray Lamontagne, Cat Stevens

Friday: HELLOween with #MPLS and Nooky Jones

It’s about to get spooky this Halloween night in the Entry. With local hip-hop collective #MPLS co-headlining with yet another local act, Nooky Jones. #MPLS, consisting of collaborative vocals from five of the eight members, is best known for their sold-out Michael Jackson tribute shows they hold annually at the Cabooze. Nooky Jones, also known for their eclectic mix of group members, contains a brass section of its own, with a trumpet and trombone taking center stage. Led by trumpetmaster Cameron Kinghorn, their music would make Duke Ellington proud. There are hints of R&B, hip hop, and it is “very danceable”.

Sounds like: Doomtree, Young Fathers, John Legend

Saturday: Mike Mictlan HELLA FRREAL Release Show

Any Doomtree fan knows the name, but for those less aware, Mike Mictlan is one of the founding members of the infamous Minneapolis hip hop collective, and the fastest-spitting lyricist of the bunch. This Saturday he will be holding this release party in support of his most recent effort, Hella Frreal. In the past, Mike has collaborated with some top names here in Mpls, including Lizzo, Greg Grease, and of course fellow Doomtree member P.O.S. It is hard to say what to expect out of a Doomtree member playing the Entry, but expect a few guest appearances from some familiar faces.

Sounds like: Lazerbeak, Sims, Grieves

Sunday: Generationals

Up-and-comers from New Orleans, indie rock duo the Generationals will be headlining their second 7th St Entry show this Sunday, behind their most recent release, Alix, which has been met with strong praise following their breakout from 2013, Heza.

Sounds like: Avi Buffalo, Givers, Oberhofer



#FacesOfFirstAvenue: Amanda

First Avenue: Hey Amanda, tell me the story of how your parents met.

AA: My dad (Curtiss A) was opening for Prince one night and my mom was bartending. It went something along the lines of my dad asking my mom to dance, or Prince suggesting that they should dance. But they met, had my sister and then they had me.

FA: Your dad was opening for Prince?

AA: Yup. Prince would call and say he made some new jamz or something, and he wanted to come down and play them, but he’d be like “I’ll be there at midnight.” So when people say, “Your dad plays forever!” it’s because he’s used to filling up time… playing “Yesterday” seven times.

FA: What do you want to do “when you grow up”?

AA: I haven’t really nailed that down yet.

FA: What *don’t* you want to do?

AA: I know I don’t want to work in an office, or be “just a server.” I was thinking that I’d probably go back and get some sort of business degree and maybe eventually open a restaurant. I’m marrying someone with a culinary degree.

FA: Where did you meet your fiancé?

AA: Here, at First Avenue. We worked together while he was going to culinary school.

FA: That makes two marriages.

AA: Yup. We owe something to First Avenue, or maybe they owe something to us! I wouldn’t exist. I’m convinced I was probably conceived here for my natural magnetism to this building. But that’s horrifying… I did also make a slightly horrifying joke to (owner) Dayna Frank that my first childbirth would be a water birth in the Mainroom. [laughs]

FA: That’s so gross! So unsanitary!

AA: I went to a bridal expo the other day and every time I passed one of those boudoir photo booths I’d go “ICK absolutely not!” Well, guess who won second prize of a boudoir shoot anyway? Me.

FA: So you’re gonna do it?

AA: I’m going to email them and ask if my fiancé can do it for me instead.

Look for Amanda if you’re going to pass out at the club. She’ll fight tooth-and-nail to keep you from touching that nasty floor, even if she jokes about birthing a kid on it.

Tickets On Sale This Week: Oct 23, 2014

ON SALE: Friday, October 24 at 11:00am CT

Elliott Brood 7th St Entry SAT FEB 7

ON SALE: Friday, October 24 at noon CT

A Tribute To The Replacements Mainroom &
7th St Entry
I AM MPLS! Mainroom THU DEC 4
Run Westy Run Mainroom FRI DEC 26
Dr. Dog Turf Club THU FEB 5
Dr. Dog Mainroom FRI FEB 6
Dr. Dog Mainroom SAT FEB 7
Sleater-Kinney Mainroom SAT FEB 14


Mark Mallman | Botzy
Schoenburg | Panther Ray
7th St Entry SAT OCT 25
The Revival | Les Jupes
Greg MacPherson | SC Mira
7th St Entry TUE NOV 4
Aaron & The Sea | Tired Tongues
MAKR | Fort Wilson Riot
7th St Entry THU NOV 20
Profresher | Meinong’s Jungle
Upstanding Hoodrat | Alien Brain Food
7th St Entry THU NOV 27
Dillinger Four | Pink Mink
Whatever, Forever | No Skin
Turf Club FRI DEC 12
Dustin Thomas 7th St Entry FRI DEC 19
Ariel Pink Fine Line MON FEB 16

This Week in the Entry: Oct 22, 2014

Wednesday: Southside Desire Record Release Show

Southside Desire check all the boxes that get them called a soul band, with layered backup harmonies, chick-chick guitar, damp ghost-noted snare, and muted bass. But there’s a Midwestern punk rock grittiness that sets them apart from neo-soul bands. All of the members of the band grew up at basement punk shows and those ethos and aesthetics are reflected in this band. The self-titled Southside Desire is a completely Midwestern soul, pop and punk-rock album in the best way. Recorded in several studios over a year, there’s a new variety of sound and instrumentation on this record. A song has crashing layers of guitars and keyboard while the next is just piano and vocals. Lead singer and principal songwriter Marvel Devitt’s lyrics have grown more insightful: at once sweet and biting with each song a story. The punk rock, new wave and power-pop influences are more prominent, mixed with Mellow Mafia smoothness and Brill Building songwriting science.

Sounds like: Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway, The Drifters, Dessa

Thursday: Burger Records Caravan of Stars Tour

Thursday brings the latest slate of up-and-coming bands representing the cassette-devoted Fullerton, CA-based label Burger Records to the Entry. 2014’s line-up brings lady garage-punk trio The Coathangers from Atlanta, veteran Caravan of Stars post-millennial punks together PANGEA from LA, catchy garage pop foursome Mozes And The Firstborn from the Netherlands, and the latest project from San Juan-based Davila 666 frontman AJ Davila, who released his solo debut Terror/Amor earlier this year on Nacional Records. Los Angeles’ lo-fi dream-pop trio Cherry Glazerr will join up with the Caravan of Stars tour here in Minneapolis in what promises to be a raucous evening of high energy throwback rock & roll befitting the carefree D.I.Y. attitude that Burger has built its brand on (albeit in their own laid back manner). Should be loads of fun!

Sounds like: Black Lips, Nobunny, Ty Segall, Shannon & The Clams

Friday: Speedy Ortiz | Ex Hex (ft. Mary Timony)

Friday sees a double dose of female-fronted alt-rock bands gracing the Entry stage with Massachusetts-based Speedy Ortiz and Ex Hex, the latest group from ever-prolific indie rock mainstay Mary Timony (Autoclave, Helium, Wild Flag). Taking on the moniker of Timony’s 2005 solo record, Ex Hex is a power trio that describes themselves as “what your older brother’s friends listened to.” Speedy Ortiz’s indie rock revival style takes plenty of cues from Timony’s 90s-era output, which makes this co-headline tour a natural pairing. Local vets Buildings are supporting.

Sounds like: Marnie Stern, The Breeders, Sleater-Kinney, The Ramones

Mark Mallman | Botzy | Schoenburg | Panther Ray

Saturday’s show features such a variety of local artists that it could be called an accurate snapshot of the diverse music community that call the Twin Cities home. Veteran piano-rock marathon-man Mark Mallman + sometimes Cry Culture Wolf MC and general rap hustler Botzy + Paul Simon-esque Americana pop rockers Schoenburg + psychedelic indie genre smashers Panther Ray = an intriguing bouillabaisse of Minnesota music and an entertaining night in the Entry.

Sounds like: Mark Mallman, Botzy, Schoenburg, Panther Ray

Sunday: Laulu EP Release Show

Local folk group Laulu celebrates the release of their debut EP Innate this Sunday in the Entry, and they’ll have CD copies on hand to buy a couple days before it becomes available digitally online on Tuesday, Oct 28. Providing support on the bill are Denver-based dream-folk trio Ancient Mariner and soulful Duluth folk/pop outfit Portage.

Sounds like: First Aid Kit, Dark Dark Dark, Fleet Foxes, Laura Marling


#FacesOfFirstAve: Clint

First Avenue: What’s your name?

My name is Clint.

FA: Are you from here?

C: Originally, no. New Jersey.

FA: How’d you end up here?

C: I ended up here when I was in the 10th grade, with my parents. I always wanted to come here since seeing Purple Rain. I was like, “I need to come to Minneapolis so I can play hockey,” too. But that didn’t happen. Therefore, I just came here instead and got really drunk. First Ave has been a fucking joy.

FA: What do you do? Either for money or for caring, because sometimes they’re not the same thing.

C: I work for an environmental lab for money, and for caring… I love to give bread to ducks.

Bystander: I heard that was really bad to do, actually.

C: Really? Why?

Bystander: Because they can’t digest it.

FA: So you must hate ducks. You care a lot about hating ducks.

C: Hm… I care a lot about hating ducks, but I love bears, how ‘bout that? Bears are dope.

Clint doesn’t do any kind of social media because he thinks it’s the Devil. If you were a real friend, you’d pick up the phone and call him.


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