#FacesOfFirstAve: Clint

First Avenue: What’s your name?

My name is Clint.

FA: Are you from here?

C: Originally, no. New Jersey.

FA: How’d you end up here?

C: I ended up here when I was in the 10th grade, with my parents. I always wanted to come here since seeing Purple Rain. I was like, “I need to come to Minneapolis so I can play hockey,” too. But that didn’t happen. Therefore, I just came here instead and got really drunk. First Ave has been a fucking joy.

FA: What do you do? Either for money or for caring, because sometimes they’re not the same thing.

C: I work for an environmental lab for money, and for caring… I love to give bread to ducks.

Bystander: I heard that was really bad to do, actually.

C: Really? Why?

Bystander: Because they can’t digest it.

FA: So you must hate ducks. You care a lot about hating ducks.

C: Hm… I care a lot about hating ducks, but I love bears, how ‘bout that? Bears are dope.

Clint doesn’t do any kind of social media because he thinks it’s the Devil. If you were a real friend, you’d pick up the phone and call him.

#FacesOfFirstAve: Otis Huber

FA: Who are you and how are you related to the club?

My name is Otis Jerome Huber. Right now I’m a waiter at the Depot, and my father has been mixing sound here for 30 years.

FA: How old were you when you started coming here unattended but not at shows?

OJH: When my parents split up and I couldn’t get other daycare, I’d come down here and watch my little brother and run around on the Mainroom floor. I was like 10 or 11… They used to have a pool table and a foosball table. Conrad (stage manager) showed me a trick about playing pool forever by putting those plastic pint glasses in the pockets so you could just keep playing for a dollar. I was a shark. I remember he could open up the foosball table and just grab the balls out, but besides that, you’d have to pay for pinball, everything. There were big pinball competitions. Lee (sound engineer) was really into it. There were three good machines on the side, basically where they raised it up where the bar is now.

FA: So you grew up, like, dickin’ around on the [club’s] floor…

OJH: Yeah. We’d be playing basketball while everyone would be trying to set up and it’d just be me and my little brother trying to go by each other and, like, do a move. But there’d be no hoop or anything and we’re just standing there dribbling. Eventually my dad would be like “HEY! We’re trying to soundcheck! You can’t be dribbling the balls anymore! Get outta here!” So we’d go roam the skyway. Or I’d go read a book at Borders [that used to be across the street].

FA: You know the club really well, so where do you want your picture taken?

OJH: How about I climb up by my dad’s drawings in the garage?


Otis doesn’t do Instagram, but find him IRL at the Depot. If you ask nicely, he’ll probably recreate the voicemail greeting Killer Mike (@killermikegto) once recorded for him.

#TBT: The Blind Shake at the Turf Club (2010)


Photos: The Blind Shake at the Turf Club
Photos of Dante and The Lobster, CoCoComa and The Blind Shake at the Turf Club (6/12/10)

Above: a very #tbt to the Blind Shake’s show at the Turf back in 2010!

Catch them tomorrow night (10/17) in the Entry and see what they’ve been up to in the meantime…

with The Hussy, American Cream, and Animal Lover

8pm (18+)
Fri. October 17, 2014 
@ the 7th St Entry 


10 Questions with Yeahchad from "Meatbodies"


Recently, Patrick sat down with Yeahchad of Meatbodies with ten questions in anticipation of their upcoming North American tour. The Los Angeles-based garage rock band will be performing at Mohawk on June 11th. And you can also catch Chad guest bartending Mohawk’s happy hour earlier that afternoon, where you can ask him ridiculous questions like: “Why do people call you ‘Yeahchad’?” or “Is it true that you’ll only be playing KISS covers?” Oh, and he’ll make you a drink. 


Photo by Patrick Waites 

P: What is your beer/liquor of choice?
C: I like south of the border stuff, like Pacifico with lime and tequila. That or vodka drinks. For some reason every time I’m in “vacation” mode I drink “sex on the beach” – like some how that solidifies me as “havin a good time.”

P: Scenario: you name a cocktail “Meatbodies,” what would the ingredients be?
C: ACID and JA RULE mixed with LIME 

(full interview here)

Tomorrow night in the Entry!

with Human Kindness 
8pm (18+) 
Thurs. October 16, 2014 
@ the 7th St Entry


This Week in the Entry: Oct 15, 2014


Based out of New York, Minnesota native Nick Africano combines the best of folk and soul with sublime storytelling to create a unique style. His music doesn’t fit in a single genre or style - his voice is at times a powerhouse fit for arena rock, sometimes soulful befitting mid-60s Motown, and other times sincere like the early years of Elvis Presley. Locals The Counterfactuals and Yours Truly support.

Sounds like: Bruce Springsteen, Joe Bonamassa, Pokey Lafarge, Bob Dylan


Chad Ubovich began ripping through the rock scene in 2011 as guitarist for Mikal Cronin and, eventually, bassist in FUZZ. In between tours, he spent his time recording and playing shows around Los Angeles under the name Chad and the Meatbodies. In 2012, Ty Segall released some of Chad’s bedroom recordings via cassette tape and caught the attention of In The Red, who recently released Chad's self-titled Meatbodies LP.



Co-headlining with Meatbodies on tour is New York City-based Hunters (led by Izzy Almeida and Derek Watson), who cut their teeth terrorizing random NYC basements and loft spaces, but soon found a spiritual home at Brooklyn's renown D.I.Y. venue Death By Audio. Hunters signed with Mom + Pop records (Wavves, FIDLAR, Parquet Courts, Sleigh Bells) and released their self-titled debut album in Fall 2013. Thursday promises to be a raucous, punk-fueled night in the Entry with these two bands on the bill.

Sounds like: The Coathangers, Diarrhea Planet, JEFF The Brotherhood

Friday: THE BLIND SHAKE Tour Kickoff

“The Blind Shake is at once spacey, primitive futuristic, and brutal: a kind of backyard extraterrestrial minimal surf-punk party. One guitar, one baritone guitar, a fuckload of reverb, and a drummer who deserves an Olympic medal.” [SF Weekly] Fronted by brothers Jim and Mike Blaha, with friend Dave Roper on drums, this trio has been tunneling through the underground since before telephones could talk. They kick off their latest tour in the Entry on Friday, with support from Madison duo The Hussy, along with locals American Cream and Animal Lover.

Sounds like: Thee Oh Sees, Tyvek, Michael Yonkers, The Intelligence

Saturday: KING TUFF

Vermont native King Tuff, a.k.a. Kyle Thomas, has been prowling the corners of the D.I.Y. scene for years, both in this solo guise and as a member of several vastly different acts: the freak-folk outfit Feathers, the wunderkind pop band Happy Birthday, the doom-metal burner Witch. But until Black Moon Spell [just released via Sub Pop], he hadn’t really pushed his persona so far in a single direction. On his third full-length album, Thomas re-brands himself as some sort of demonic teenager, out for kicks, laughs, and maybe a little mailbox baseball, as opposed to bloodshed and the apocalypse. It makes for a fun, evocative ride through four dimensions of rock music, paired by decade-straddling jumps through nostalgia loops: the ’70s glam scene’s repurposing of ’50s greasers, JDs, and teenage sci-fi/comic-book culture, as well as ’60s psych and garage sounds re-evaluated through ’80s metal. [NPR First Listen]

Sounds like: Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, FIDLAR, Natural Child

Sunday: ELENA

Elena, born and raised in Minneapolis, is a singer, songwriter and aerialist. Her sultry-soulful vocals will take you on a personal journey through timelessness. She brings to the stage a full backing band and an intimacy with both her lyrics and the audience.

“Elena delivers a unique performance…she has an obvious intimacy with the lyrics…[her] soulful pop and jazz sounds nod to Nelly Furtado and Astrid Gilberto. This is the kind of artist you want to listen to over cocktails on a patio somewhere warm.” -Craig Lefevre, Dakota Jazz Club

Sounds like: Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae, India.Arie

Monday: THE LAZY KIDS Album Release Party

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign this past summer, Tunnel Visions is the latest album from local indie rock/folk-pop outfit The Lazy Kids. Led by Anthony “Oz” Osland, the band will be celebrating the new recording’s release next Monday in the Entry, with support from friends and fellow locals Graveyard Club and Skittish.

Sounds like: The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, Department of Eagles

Tuesday: EMPIRES

Empires is a band that’s easy to root for. The Chicagoans built a local following off of 2008’s diverse Howl, released for free and showing that rock unpredictability can be a good thing even if it’s at the cost of a cohesive sound. In 2011, the group made the final four in Rolling Stone’s contest to put an unsigned band on the cover. Its time slot at Lolla 2012 was rescheduled due to the storm-caused evacuation, but taking the stage to a smaller crowd than they would have had otherwise, Empires played and connected like they were headlining a sold-out Soldier Field show. So following 2012’s enjoyable, impassioned Garage Hymns, it’s nice to hear Orphan, the band’s major label debut (Chop Shop/Island Records), show the quartet continuing to come into its own. [Redeye Chicago]

Sounds like: The Gaslight Anthem, Augustines, Gold Motel, The Black Angels


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